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[ToS] [Patch-Preview] ToS Patch 9.2 Preview Article Translations and Information ^^

This will mainly be a translation post regarding the upcoming version 9.2 patch for Tower of Saviors. Lately I’ve been a little too busy to write, but I will still translate important update patch notes whenever I can. So, let’s move on to the news article 🙂

– All information about new features or cards and abilities are extracted from the news articles online. My input will only be deductions or guesses built upon those information.
– As with all translations, info may be lost or changed to a certain extent. This is mainly due to the fact that for the majority of the info, only a 1-sentence description has been provided in the article without video evidence of how detailed mechanics work. Thus, certain deductions have to be made on vague descriptions.
– The main article or source will be linked at the bottom of the post.
– Sources which were written in English and do not need to be translated will only be linked.



New Fairytale Series



Dark, Green and Red respectively.
Dark, Green and Red respectively.
Blue “fairy”.

Active: For 1 turn, team attack x 1.5. For the next turn, damage received will be halved.
Leader: If combo count is an odd number, Water attack x 2. If combo count is an even number, Water attack x 3.5.

Evolved Blue fairy: Louis.
Evolved Blue fairy: Louis.

Not sure if this will be a good leader card. Reminds me of Ed leader teams, which I’m not very fond of, since there is no guaranteed strength on specific turns.

Green fairy Alibaba.
Green fairy Alibaba.

Active: For 1 turn, team attack x 1.5. If both leader and ally cards are identical, team attack x 2.5.

Pretty decent active. 2.5x team attack boosts are hard to come by, and normally would require very strict requirements (Horned King, Odin etc). So if you ever use a Green (or any kind of team actually, since it boosts team attack and not Green attack) team with identical leaders, be sure to include Alibaba in it!

Red fairy.
Red fairy.

Active: Turn all Green runes into Red runes. According to the number of Green runes converted, team attack is increased for 1 turn, to a max of 1.8x with 4 runes converted.

Pretty handy convert/booster. 1.8x is a significant boost, especially if you also convert this many runes!!
Pretty handy convert/booster. 1.8x is a significant boost, especially if you also convert this many runes!!

This red one, is also pretty good IMO. Maybe it isn’t built for things like Greek, but for combo count teams like Daji/Norse, high multiplier teams like Jackie and teams which are just plain sick like Ninurta, this card should come in pretty handy. Might not fit into most experienced players’ Ninurta teams though, since it is already very packed. But for players lacking 1 or 2 Nezhas, it might not be a bad idea to give this fairy a try 🙂

Dark fairy.
Dark fairy.

Active: For 1 turn, self and adjacent members attack x 1.5. If the adjacent members’ attack is lower than the fairy’s, that member’s attack will x 3.5 instead.

Lol, that boost with Basti.
Lol, that boost with Basti.


PR RGB Blood Fiends Adjustments

Firstly, I’m sad. RIP Jack and Todd, you are not loved, and you shall remain as a collectible.



This change only applies to improved leader abilities when 2 Blood Fiends are used as ally and leader.

New leader (Elizabeth): Water attack x 2. By dissolving Blue, Red and Heart runes, Water attack receives bonus multiplier of 300% for that turn. Water attack multiplier next turn will be decreased by 1, to a minimum of 2.

So, the new RGB Blood Fiends’ base multiplier is changed to 2x, to a max of 3.5x by dissolving Blue runes every turn and charging up. If the player decides to use the bonus 3x multiplier by matching the required 3 rune types, the penalty next turn will only be 2 stacks off the current, meaning if you use it at max stacks 3.5x, next turn’s multiplier will be 2.5x. This change effectively reduces the shortcomings of Blood Fiend teams.


Interface and Quality of Life Upgrades ❤

Tutorials on update changes.
Tutorials on update changes.

Now, upon entering the game for the first time after the update, players will be greeted with a short tutorial on interface and functional updates.


New “bring to top” function in backpack.

Players will be able to bring a specific card to the top of his backpack list. This enables ease of access to the card, and does not stack with the “favourite” function. Hence, for cards that you do not want to mistakenly sell or feed away, do remember to still favourite them!

Auto-equip crafts button...
Auto-equip crafts button…

So players can now auto-equip crafts to a team now. The system prioritizes rarity and color/member aspects of a craft (not really sure how intelligent it is), so lazy players going into easy battles can save time by using this new feature.

To enable new players to understand the world of crafts better, upon reaching level 10, they will be prompted to enter a crafts tutorial. More advanced players can also access the tutorial from the main menu.


Nidhogg Nightmare :O


Time: June 26th 2200 hrs – June 27th 2359 hrs

So yet another sealed boss has joined the PR party.

Annoying bosses fill the stages, like this cannot be controlled tumbling monster D:
Annoying bosses fill the stages, like this cannot be controlled tumbling monster D:



Well, time to speculate their abilities ._.
Well, time to speculate their abilities ._.


The Official Video

Seeing that the last round of attack was only achieved with normal spinning, rune conversion and the Green fairy’s boost, it’s not too shabby. Though I seriously doubt the power of Norse now, Green fairy should see quite some play in a variety of teams in the near future 🙂


June 17th forum post on Patch 9.2 information.


[ToS] [Nightmare-Stage] The Evil Controlling Orders Nightmare 0 Diam Clear, 3 STARS GRIND!

SM Stage: The Evil Controlling Orders (Nightmare)
Card Reward: Diablo, Manipulator of Elements + Infernal Phantom
Date: 2nd May 2014
Pre-req: Cleared Normal Diablo SM


So I’m back with good stuff ^^

0 Diamond Clear, but this is pretty grindy, BEWARE!
0 Diamond Clear, but this is pretty grindy, BEWARE!

Disclaimer: This team was introduced to me by a fellow ToS buddy Babapp (not sure if he saw this somewhere, but this is just to credit whoever came up with this team :)). I am just a beneficiary of this grind team, so don’t thank me if it works for you, I’m not the creator of this.


So the main idea of this team is to take any/all damage that comes towards you like a man, with the help of PR Wukong Ame4. You need that 80% reduction for most of the stages, and you also need that dodge in stage 1. By using PR Urd as leader, you can heal by dissolving Water runes! The heal is actually pretty good, and definitely more than enough for this Nightmare Stage. Pisces is here to fulfil the achievement for a 3rd Water member, and also to provide those Water runes for heal in case you run out of them. The other members are here for burst, and you should burst whenever possible (unless otherwise stated) to save time. If not this fight is gna take sooooo much time and sanity D:

Stage 1: This stage sets a minimum criteria for your team, where your total team HP needs to be higher than the damage done by all these elves. This way, you can take hits from all of them (while full HP) and not die. After your HP is in the red, you need some luck, to get more Water runes to heal or for the enemies to miss hitting you ._. In the meantime, try to kill at least the middle elf first. If all goes well, you are pretty much safe.

Stage 2: Nothing special. Kill one of them first then the other. Difficulty: 1/10.

Stage 3: These puzzle shields aren’t that annoying considering you have infinite turns to get them right and a Daji to help you out when you burst. Just stall more Dark runes before you burst and fulfil those shield conditions when you do so and you should breeze through. Difficulty: 1/10.

Stage 4: Kill Yvette then work on Magness. After bursting off Yvette, get Magness to ~60-70% HP and burst.

Stage 5: This triple freeze prevents you from slacking, so you needa dissolve those half-frozen runes each turn to ensure that you can burst. So do that.

Stage 6: One of the harder stages, if not the hardest here. You need to kill off those 2 eggs before you can even hit Isabel. To top it off, she reduces your spin time to 2s, what a biatch. And since they all attack at the same turn every 6 turns, you need to heal very frequently. Save your Pisces active for critical times and try to kill the right egg first (to maximize damage reduction effect when they attack together). When you get close to killing the 2nd egg, stall Dark runes, and definitely do not kill it off when Isabel’s CD is 1 ._. If you really need more turns to stall runes and Isabel’s CD is 1 already, use Urd to freeze her and delay the resummoning. Then, burst through!

Stage 7: Get him to 60% HP (play safe) then burst. My average bursts with this team is around 3m damage with 6 Dark runes (pls try to stall for more for safety. Fail burst = dead), with my highest hitting around 9m. So you should be able to KO him if he’s at 60%.

Stage 8: Really simple stage. Just heal when needed and burst when CD is up, no danger whatsoever. The revived Elf Queen can’t hurt you too Wukong OP. Difficulty: 1/10.

Stage 9: Another simple stage. Burst when CD is up ._. After killing her, quickly note where your Dark and Blue runes are! They will change to another color upon entering the next stage (eg. all Blue will be shown as Red etc.).

Stage 10A: So I hope you took note of what your Blue and Dark runes have been substituted by, since you need them for heal and damage. If you got them down, simply play as per normal, bursting when possible, but keep in mind to stall the correct “Dark” runes. You can use your crafts here since the HP of Diablo is pretty high.

Stage 10B: Pretty simple, since your runes have returned to normal 😀 Make sure to have all 5 colors on board before bursting and to stall for more Dark. Congrats on clearing this Nightmare stage, obtaining an Infernal Phantom (you need 2 ._.), and clearing all 3 achievements in 1 go for the Nightmare part!

The grind is worth it, cos 3 stars in 1 go, and no Diamonds needed!
The grind is worth it, cos 3 stars in 1 go, and no Diamonds needed!

[ToS] [SM-Stage] The Evil Controlling Orders Soulmaster 0 Diam Clear

SM Stage: The Evil Controlling Orders (Normal)
Card Reward: Diablo, Manipulator of Elements
Date: 2nd May 2014
Pre-req: None

It’s been a long time since I did this kind of mini-guide.. and it’s probably cos I’ve been skipping quite alot of them, resulting in my lack of powerful cards and thus my inability to clear many new SM stages with ease D: However, old stages like this are still really easy to handle. I am aware that a previous guide for Diablo exists, and this is simply to provide an updated team I used.

My Diablo from the previous SM stage. As with Seal Bosses, they return every few months!
My Diablo from the previous SM stage (2 cycles ago ._.) from a while ago. Yea, the name has now been changed. 

No special requirements to enter the stage. Just prepare the 50 stamina required and in you go 🙂

The stage information can be found here: English ToS Wiki and Chinese ToS Wiki

The stage cannot be done by Greek teams due to stage 2. There are free skill CD -> 0 boosts on stages 1 and 3, so it strongly suggests the use of high burst teams. This SM bans Heart runes, so no healing can be done by combat means and if you bring offensive converters, they will NOT be able to work unless you first convert other runes to Heart runes beforehand. Since you can activate actives on turn 1, and there is an absence of healing anyways, Cassandra is a very powerful member to have for this stage, since all her disadvantages are negated.


3 achievements at once and get your Bewitching Fairy now!
3 achievements at once and get your Bewitching Fairy now!

There are 2 essential roles in this team: Shooter and some kind of skill to deal with Isabel. The shooter will kill off the egg in stage 2 so that you will not receive the explosion damage. For Isabel, you can either reduce her damage dealt so that you can survive, have enough HP to tank it (not for this team) or use an Isabel to deal with Isabel 😛

Stage 1: 3-4 turns for you to kill both. Just look at their CD timers and plan who to kill first. REMEMBER to activate Cassandra the moment you enter please. And try not to perform full attacks, since enchanted runes will cause you to deal no damage the next stage.

Stage 2: First of all, use your shooter to kill the egg. I hope you took more than 1 turn to clear stage 1, cos you need turn 2 charge of this shooter to deal enough damage to kill the egg. Use all the skills you have to kill the Yvette, since you will get them all back next stage. HOWEVER, DO NOT DISSOLVE ENCHANTED RUNES. Daji or Endor should do the job, but I feel Daji is safer in controlling enchanted runes skyfall disaster.

Stage 3: Try to kill without actives in 2 turns. It is very possible with some luck with skyfalls.

Stage 4: Try to kill the egg to stop the poison while stalling Dark runes. It’s not deadly to take hits here since you shouldn’t be taking much more after this. Then, use your Isabel’s active at CD1 of enemy Isabel and let her perform an attack. Now, you have 3 turns to kill her, which is really easy without actives 🙂

Stage 5: This is a new stage. Basically a 6 HP thing to kill. So do it.

Stage 6: Target the egg first, and try to kill both without actives. The pre-evolved form of Marg has only 600k+ HP, which you should be able to finish off in a turn or 2. After she evolves, Hp will be at 1.2m+ HP, but being Light-based, this team will be able to kill her in 2 turns quite easily as well. I brought in an Endor just in case, but you might wna save it.

Stage 6: Final boss Diablo. Once you reach this stage with Daji active up it should be an easy 1-turn kill unless you do not have a set of 3 runes for every color. If you are unlucky, Endor is here to help by extending 3 rows to reach for that 1 more rune to satisfy this annoying shield. But if you do use Endor, bear in mind you will not have access to your craft. Anyways, congratulations easy :3

In all, this stage is fairly easy and perfectly farmable.

The article/guide on the Nightmare part of this SM is out! Do check it out here!