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[Pokemon GO] Personal List of Hotspots, Banned and Must-Catch List

Personal journal for PoGO. Just to keep a record of some stuff, in case I need to counter-check one of these days :3


Nice Pokemon Spots

Simply places I’ve visited in Sg so far that have interestingly high appearances of specific Pokemon, as well as the occasional rare. Please note that Niantic is known for changing Pokemon locations (or Pokemon Nests) from time to time, so this list may be outdated come a few weeks later, but you never know what is really considered a nest and what is not.. so, I’ll try to keep this in view.

Ranked from “Abundance” (spawns faster than you can catch sometimes) to “Rare” (appeared only once throughout my stay). I will leave out Pokemon like Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie and Rattata for obvious reasons.


– Abundance: Magikarp, Psyduck.
– Common: Tentacool, Staryu, Goldeen.
– Uncommon: Golduck, Tentacruel, Dratini, Horsea, Poliwag, Krabby.
– Rare: Pikachu, Dragonair.

– Notes: One of the best places for Pokemon hunting, especially at the rooftop. Access to most of the 10+ Pokestops in the area from just walking along the rooftop, and lures on most of them :O If you want a Gyarados please do visit this place! No problem getting 1 Gyarados per day at the rate karps spawn. Do remember to bring enough Pokeballs though cos you definitely use them quicker than you can receive!

East Coast Park (Hawker centre to Jetty stretch):

– Common: Cubone, Rhyhorn.
– Uncommon: Shellder, Jigglypuff, Voltorb.
– Rare: Electrode, Geodude, Mankey.

– Notes: Entrance to Jetty has 2 Pokestops placed close together, common place for lure. Not many Pokestops along this stretch though.

Parkway Parade Starbucks:

– Common: Magnemite, Voltorb
– Uncommon: Exeggcute, Bellsprout, Goldeen, Oddish
– Rare: Magneton, Electrode, Dratini, Ponyta, Vulpix, Jigglupuff, Scyther, Abra.

– Notes: Only 1 Pokestop at Starbucks, but Pokemon like Voltorb and Magnemite do spawn regularly. Parkway Parade is horrible for PoGO despite its popularity and crowd.


Banned List

So there are certain Pokemon we no longer wna tap at when they spawn now. Such are the notorious or unwanted ones. We no longer need them to Pokedex since we have already seen and owned one of their brothers, and we definitely do not need their assisstance in fighting gyms. Also, some are just so bothersome to catch it’s a waste of time and balls. Of course, they also do not belong to the EGGVOLVE catergory of power-leveling through Lucky Egg Evolving. Hence, we avoid when these Pokemon appear and Professor Willow stops getting them too 😛

– Zubat (Known to fly high and far and be stupidly hard to land balls at)/Golbat
– Venonat (High candy count to evolve)/Venomoth
– Spearow (High candy count to evolve)/Fearow
– Tentacool/Tentacruel
– Jolteon (PoGO needs to change how speed Pokemon operates in battle, or how Speed factors into combat really. Pokemon that focus on speed stat are currently trash tier)
– Pinsir (Bad skills and surprisingly common after a while)
– Raticate
– Ekans/Arbok

List will be updated when I can think of more to add.



Completely opposite of the previous list. These Pokemon are much sought after and it is best to grab one whenever they appear! They are either mostly rare Pokemon that you have to obtain candies to even scrape to that 50 candy count, or are powerful Pokemon that you need to farm for that superb IV and skillset combination to add to your best team.

– Magikarp (400 candies needed to evolve, if resulting Gyarados has poor skillset, farm again)/Gyarados
– Snorlax
– Vulpix (Rare)/Ninetales
– Ponyta (Rare)/Rapidash
– Growlithe (Arcanine is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game now, be sure to get the coveted Fire Fang/Fire Blast on a good IV Arcanine!)/Arcanine
– Eevee (Never enough Eevees! Flareon and Vaporeon are very good Pokemon considering the ease of obtaining them)
– Flareon/Vaporeon
– Lapras (If you can even meet one in the wild)
– Slowpoke (Slowbro is pretty powerful)/Slowbro
– Staryu (Water Gun/Hydro Pump Starmie is powerful)/Starmie
– Abra (Rare)/Kadabra/Alakazam
– Gastly (Rare)/Haunter/Gengar
– Starter Pokemon
– Pikachu/Raichu
– Shellder/Cloyster
– Omanyte/Omastar
– Kabuto/Kabutops
– Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite

List will be updated when I can think of more to add.





[Pokemon GO] Useful Sites and Tools and Analysis

Pokemon GO looks simple, and all you need to do is download the app, walk around and catch Pokemon. But that’s for casual players, like my neighbour’s mom.

You don’t just evolve everything you catch, since evolving a higher CP Pokemon results in a much higher CP evolution Pokemon, effectively saving you lots of stardust. Hey there’s yet ANOTHER VAPOREON defending a gym over there, use an electric or grass type Pokemon to fight it! But these tips are still only for the majority of players out there. So what does this game have to offer more hardcore (serious) players like you and I?

Have you ever asked questions like:

– Which grass Pokemon do I choose to combat Vaporeon?

– Arcanine and Rapidash are all mammal-looking 4-legged Pokemon, so they must be real similar in stats right (though stats are hidden)?

– Water Pulse feels like a shitty skill, but how bad is it compared to Hydro Pump?

– Are all Caterpies the same in terms of power (if they even have any power)?

It is hard to find out all these information online, as it is available, but all over the place. This post aims to gather them together, and to provide a brief summary based on my understanding. All sources will be linked and displayed, since I am but a student as well, and no research quoted or mentioned in this post belongs to me. Of course, if any of my summary is actually misleading or false, do comment below.


Pokemon Type



This site is really useful for many reasons, and we will be using it for other sections below as well. The image above shows the first tab “Species Stats”. It displays every Pokemon currently in PoGO and their types. By knowing their types, you can then know which Pokemon has a natural advantage against other Pokemon using charts like this:


If you are looking for an even more straightforward tool to choose a counter Pokemon, use


Pokeassisstant is an amazing site. Using the above tool, with the target being Vaporeon, we know that Electric and Grass type attacks do 125% damage to it, thus being the attack type choice. We would definitely want to avoid using Pokemon who uses Ice, Water, Fire or Steel type attacks, since they all do 20% less damage to Vaporeon.

Mewtwo and Dragonite are in there at the top as well because OP. But why are there only 2 out of 6 skillsets of Mewtwo or Dragonite up in top 10? Cos these 2 skill set combinations are the most OP and the others aren’t OP enough. We will talk about skillsets in a later section. Also, do note that this tool takes into account Def stats too. Both the Dragonite options score only 375 in terms of Atk score, but since Dragonite is tankier than Victreebel by a huge margin, the overall score gave Dragonite the advantage. So if you are confident of dodging all the skills used by the defending Vaporeon and just want to do more DPS, Victreebel > Dragonite.

But Victreebel top Grass pokemon and not Venusaur? Yep, cause Victreebel has a higher Atk stat than Venusaur, and this leads us into the next section, Species Stats.


Species Stats

You can use the above linked sites for this as well.


By sorting the Pokemon according to their Atk stat, we see Victreebel has an Atk stat of 222. This refers to BASE Atk Stat of ALL Victreebels. Venusaur, however, is lower in the Atk rankings, and that is why when placed against a Vaporeon, one would choose Victreebel over Venusaur. A Solarbeam used by a Victreebel will deal more damage than one used by Venusaur, assuming they are of the same level and 0% IV (explained later). Def stat, which Venusaur is better at, determines how much less damage you take from attacks, and is more useful when choosing a Pokemon to defend gyms. Stam refers to HP.

So regarding the earlier question about Arcanine and Rapidash… Arcanine has ADS (Atk/Def/Stam) of 230/180/180, while Rapidash has ADS of 200/170/130. A great disparity in terms of raw power I would say.

These base species stats also determine how much MAXIMUM CP a species of Pokemon can have.



Arcanine, having powerful base stats, also has high MAX CP of 2983.9, while Rapidash appears much lower down the list with 2199.34. Venusaur has higher MAX CP than Victreebel since its Def score is much higher than Victreebel’s, resulting in higher total base stats and thus higher MAX CP.




We take a look at this list once again and focus on Zapdos. All 3 possible skillset combinations score 544, but why is Thunder Shock/Thunder ranked no. 1? Simply because Thunder is a better DPS skill than Thunderbolt, which is in turn better than Discharge. This brings us to the best spreadsheet ever:


This spreadsheet can be found from this original post:



It includes all existing combinations of Pokemon and their skillsets, and ranks them. By copying this sheet to your own google, you can filter and sort according to the headings. Looks immensely complicated, but Trainer Tips from Youtube has an excellent video regarding the use of the spreadsheet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu4ujp6M188


By simply filtering for Zapdos, we see there are only 3 possible skillset combinations (usually 6 for most other pokemon), and Thunder Shock/Thunder is indeed the highest DPS. No Weave value refers to DPS if you only use your basic attack repeatedly (spam-tapping your screen), while Weave Damage refers to DPS you can do if you use your Charged Ability everytime it is ready to fire (tap-hold your pokemon).

The sheet also tells you rankings. At the left-most column, we see that the Thunder Shock/ Thunder Zapdos ranks no. 22 out of ALL possible Pokemon skillset combinations in terms of Weave Damage, which is pretty damn good. However, this skillset is actually not the best skillset for defense. The Defense column (Col D) shows us that the 2nd skillset is actually the rank 1 for def, since Gym Weave (Col P)(AI defending the gym for you) works DPS a little differently from manually fighting done by players.

Another useful statistic shown would be %ile in column C where it shows how much weaker a skillset is as compared to the best skillset. We can conclude that Discharge is alot weaker than both Thunder and Thunderbolt. For a more detailed guide on every value found in this spreadsheet, do watch the video linked above.


But why is Psycho Cut/Psychic the best skillset against Vaporeon, and not the best skillset as listed here, which is Psycho Cut/Hyper Beam. STAB applies in this game, and a Pokemon using an attack which is the same type as it is will gain a damage bonus of 25%. Hyper Beam is not a Psychic atk, but Psychic is. So Psychic ends up dealing more damage when used by Mewtwo. The above screenshot also shows that sometimes, if your charged skill sucks, it is better to just spam your basic attack repeatedly for more DPS ._.

So how bad is Water Pulse really?


Yea, it freaking sucks, and cannot be compared to a premium skill like Hydro Pump. It is not even worth using :C


Individual Values (IV)



IVs are not for the casuals. This is only meant for serious players who really want to collect the perfect Pokemon and to be the very best. It is a hassle calculating IVs and will ruin the fun for most casual players, and that’s why it is hidden in the game.

Individual Values are additional points in base stats that each individual Pokemon can have. As stated before, there are 3 base stats, Atk, Def and Stam. Each can have a maximum of 15 more points if your Pokemon is 100% IV, or in other words perfect. It’s like a genetics thing, meaning this pokemon will have those additional stats forever, and will bring it along through evolution as well, and cannot be decreased or increased by any means. So are all Caterpies the same in terms of power? No. A 0% IV Caterpie will have ADS of 62/66/90, while a 100% IV Caterpie will have ADS of 77/81/105. It seems like a huge difference, but that is because Caterpie has such low stats. If you apply it to Arcanine, 15 additional Atk is basically just 6.5% more powerful (between a perfect Atk stat Arcanine and an absolute trash Atk stat Arcanine).

But why still go for IV? Because it all adds up and is compounded across all 3 stats. 6.5% more for each stat amounts to a pretty big deal.

Let’s take a look at the fields required. We all know what CP is. Combat Power. It is derived from base stats of a Pokemon specie, and also from the level of the Pokemon. But how do we know our Pokemon’s level? The amount of Stardust required to power it up gives us an estimate of that. For every power up, a Pokemon increases by 0.5 levels. After a Pokemon increases by 2 levels, the amount of Stardust needed to power up increases by a tier. So by providing the calculator our “required Stardust to power up” amount, we narrow our pokemon’s level to 2 values. The calculator will then list out possible IV combinations that will result in the values you keyed in, and will tell you the potential of that Pokemon.

The above Metapod could be a baddie at 49% IV, but it could also be pretty good at 80% IV. To narrow it down, we either evolve it or power it up and input values again and hitting “refine”.

One could get addicted with doing this for all Pokemon but really, just do it for the more important evolutions like Magikarp and Eevee. Unless you really need a 100% IV Weedle.





Ever wondered what Pokemon you can get out of a 10km egg? Here’s the whole list, but have you gotten your Charmander from your 2km eggs yet?



This is a more PoGO friendly chart for type advantages and disadvantages as compared to the one shown in an earlier section. Multiplicative advantages do apply so Ice type attacks do 1.56x damage to Dragonite!



Ever wonder what CP your Bellsprout will be after it evolves? This handy tool gives you a good estimate of the CP range your Pokemon will arrive at upon evolving, and also let’s you know the maximum CP of every Pokemon involved this way. You might probably want to get a Bellsprout closer to 1000 CP before evolving to save on all those Stardust!!



[Kairisei MA-G] [Stage Info] S3 Dark Chiari Eater

Source: Chinese Website GuideTieba Returned BCE GuideBoss’s BCE Video


Below is the information about Dark Chiari Eater for Season 3 in Kairisei MA – Global. The information was obtained from the above link and has been verified by me in game.

***Note: All Physical damage is colored RED and all Magic damage is colored BLUE. Heal is colored PINK, and all damage numbers are single target unless otherwise specified!



The Raw Stats


Note: There is very limited info for this boss since most of the analysis for other servers was done for the returning Dark Robot instead, which has different stat values. Hence things like HP and Def should be taken with a grain of salt. HOWEVER, I have gone through the above linked video of our own BCE stage and calculated all the damage values manually, so those are accurate.


The Battle


*Note: On odd number C turns, the Cannon gives itself a massive M.Def debuff for the next turn, resulting in negative M.Def for even number C turns! Hence, the primary way to destroy Cannon would be to target it with heavy-hitting Light Magic damage on even number C turns.  

**Note: The M.Dmg buff stays forever, so the main body’s aoe will probably 1-shot healthy teams come turn 25+ or so. However, during a run I did yesterday, somehow the Cannon stopped attacking halfway through the battle at around 10+ C and only did his buff thingy every 2 turns… resulting in an easy win (only have to deal with main body’s damage). Not sure how that works though.


Basic Tips for the Battle:

  1. It is best to ignore the Cannon and Claw during odd number C turns and hit main body instead. This is because Cannon will have huge all defense, causing wastage of damage, and attacking Claw every turn will just result in unnecessary debuffs for all your party members. The main body has pretty high Hp so don’t be too stingy on attacks.
  2. Try to focus on magic damage for this stage, since you will have to break Cannon first. If Thief has team M.Dmg buffs like Soccer Bernard, Merc and Mill can also bring along some magic DPS to join in the fun. If not, all physical DPS please do not try to go for cannon and should focus on body instead. All members should bring along at least a few Light cards for chain during even number C turns that Thief decides to DPS.
  3. Claw should not be focused first since it will apply annoying debuffs to your team, including attack damage debuffs, causing your whole run to slow down significantly. However, if healer somehow cannot manage the damage for a particular turn, consider hitting the Claw to lessen damage taken as a last resort.
  4. This boss does primarily magic damage, hence Mills and Thiefs please being along sufficient M.Dmg debuffs and shields. Debuffs should always prioritize Cannon, while 1 turn shields should be used during aoe turns.
  5. This boss has time-bomb at 7C instead of the 8C for previous hell bosses. Merc and Mill can attempt breaking Claw at 7c.