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[Pokemon GO] 1st 10km Egg Hatched!

Pokemon Go has been released in SG! And as with most other human beings, I have delved into the game big time.

After a few days of actually playing it myself, I can see that playing it well requires quite alot of dedication and reading up. Might share my thoughts and findings someday after I’ve fully understood the mechanics and stuff and when I have the time to spare blogging instead of out there catching stuff 🙂

For now, behold my 1st 10km egg hatch :3

I was kinda hoping for a high CP rare pokemon. Chansey is rare, but just look at the CP and its level =.=” 1.9k dust to power up would mean it is already about level 15 (pokemon level), but CP is still so low… Doing a quick check at tells us that Chansey has attack stat of 40 and defense at 60 D:

Well, at least pokedex 😀