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[Kairisei MA-G] [Stage Info] S3 Dark Chiari Eater

Source: Chinese Website GuideTieba Returned BCE GuideBoss’s BCE Video


Below is the information about Dark Chiari Eater for Season 3 in Kairisei MA – Global. The information was obtained from the above link and has been verified by me in game.

***Note: All Physical damage is colored RED and all Magic damage is colored BLUE. Heal is colored PINK, and all damage numbers are single target unless otherwise specified!



The Raw Stats


Note: There is very limited info for this boss since most of the analysis for other servers was done for the returning Dark Robot instead, which has different stat values. Hence things like HP and Def should be taken with a grain of salt. HOWEVER, I have gone through the above linked video of our own BCE stage and calculated all the damage values manually, so those are accurate.


The Battle


*Note: On odd number C turns, the Cannon gives itself a massive M.Def debuff for the next turn, resulting in negative M.Def for even number C turns! Hence, the primary way to destroy Cannon would be to target it with heavy-hitting Light Magic damage on even number C turns.  

**Note: The M.Dmg buff stays forever, so the main body’s aoe will probably 1-shot healthy teams come turn 25+ or so. However, during a run I did yesterday, somehow the Cannon stopped attacking halfway through the battle at around 10+ C and only did his buff thingy every 2 turns… resulting in an easy win (only have to deal with main body’s damage). Not sure how that works though.


Basic Tips for the Battle:

  1. It is best to ignore the Cannon and Claw during odd number C turns and hit main body instead. This is because Cannon will have huge all defense, causing wastage of damage, and attacking Claw every turn will just result in unnecessary debuffs for all your party members. The main body has pretty high Hp so don’t be too stingy on attacks.
  2. Try to focus on magic damage for this stage, since you will have to break Cannon first. If Thief has team M.Dmg buffs like Soccer Bernard, Merc and Mill can also bring along some magic DPS to join in the fun. If not, all physical DPS please do not try to go for cannon and should focus on body instead. All members should bring along at least a few Light cards for chain during even number C turns that Thief decides to DPS.
  3. Claw should not be focused first since it will apply annoying debuffs to your team, including attack damage debuffs, causing your whole run to slow down significantly. However, if healer somehow cannot manage the damage for a particular turn, consider hitting the Claw to lessen damage taken as a last resort.
  4. This boss does primarily magic damage, hence Mills and Thiefs please being along sufficient M.Dmg debuffs and shields. Debuffs should always prioritize Cannon, while 1 turn shields should be used during aoe turns.
  5. This boss has time-bomb at 7C instead of the 8C for previous hell bosses. Merc and Mill can attempt breaking Claw at 7c.



[Kairisei MA-G] [Stage Info] Silky

Source: Chinese Website Guide


Below is the information about MR boss Silky for Season 2 in Kairisei MA – Global. The information was obtained from the above link and has been verified by me in game.

***Note: All Physical damage is colored RED and all Magic damage is colored BLUE. Heal is colored PINK, and all damage numbers are single target unless otherwise specified!



The Raw Stats


Note: Silky lifesteal amount is 3x damage dealt. This stage was introduced very early on, and there wasn’t plenty of info floating around. Hence, HP values are just rough estimates and defense values were left out altogether in the guides =.=


The Battle


*Note: This battle is quick. Enemy movements beyond 7c are left out since the fight needs to be ended quickly anyways and movement from Silky and her parts follow a pretty obvious pattern. 

**Note: The aoe damage and 7c lifesteal damage shown above ALREADY INCLUDES THE MAGIC BUFF from the A side. If you successfully stopped any buff with Achilles or by killing off before buff turn, do your own Math.


Basic Tips for the Battle:

  1. This is a DPS race. The faster you kill the safer you are. The sequence should be kill B -> kill A -> kill Silky.
  2. The safest way possible is to be able to kill off B by c4. This can be done by using high board damage blue DPS cards and stacking water chain as much as possible. 
  3. If B is killed by c4, c5 and c6 will be manageable, allowing you to have enough time to finish off A and then Silky. 
  4. The time bomb is set at c7. If you let the buff happen at c5 (almost impossible to kill A by c5), then c7 will at least take out one of your mates. However, Silky and her parts all have pretty low HP, so it is very possible to even end the stage by c6!


Good luck!



[Kairisei MA-G] [Guide] How to KRSMA 5: KRSK and YOU

This is part 5 of the Newbie Guide Project titled: How to KRSMA by Brushy 🙂

Other chapters can be found here:


So this part of the guide wasn’t supposed to be here so soon, but too many people were asking questions about it in the FB group. What is KRSK!? Does it concern me? Why can’t I evolve my cards properly with proper mats, but instead they require strange cards!? What’s that card material at the top-right and bottom-left called and where do I get them? Don’t panic dear friends, this guide is here to save you.

Firstly, let’s have a Q&A session like the previous time.


1. What is KRSK?

KRSK, or 乖离进化, or Kairisei evolve/upgrade, is basically a 2nd route of upgrading a 5* UR card apart from the usual one where you need the infamous Legend Kirari and similar element smaller Kiraris. The usual route arrives at a 6* MR card of the same stats composition, same skill, identical element and same Class. KRSK route arrives at a 6* MR card with different stats composition, different skill, different element and different Class, meaning it changes a card into an entirely new one.

Pain for all beginners…


2. Why complicate stuff? Why not just release new cards?

KRSK is a way for the game to bring new life to older, washed up cards (aka store-master cards, or cards best left in the basement store) and turn them into totally different, new, powerful cards of another Class!

KRSK Unique Himiko


3. What are the materials needed to KRSK my card?

Materials are cards dropped from event bosses like Pixie, Dancer and Silky for this season. If you see some cards which look foreign to you, fret not, they will appear in the near future. The KRSK tool was only released into the other servers at around the 13th season, so our server is actually progressing  too quickly in this aspect (resulting in players possessing the OP KRSK Nimue so early in the game ._.).


4. Why does it always say 1/6 when I’ve already farmed 6 of them?

So here’s a simple demo.


In order to KRSK the above Bard card into the new Thief card, we need to have the materials listed. So why is mine 3/3, and not 1/3 like many of you experienced? Cos Fame.


The game recognizes the number of copies you have in terms of Fame. So, feed 2 into the main one to obtain 3 Fame, and it will automatically show 3/3 in the upgrade screen.

Then once you have gathered all the required mats, you will GET your new KRSK card!


5. What happens to my cards’ Fame if I KRSK them?

Fame retains, and non KRSK-ed versions can be fed to the new KRSK-ed version to raise Fame, so you don’t need to KRSK 100 copies just to get a 100 Fame card you like ._.


6. How can I go to the normal upgrade screen? This KRSK version sucks (AWC Percival we are looking at you)!

You notice there’s a up arrow on top so just swipe the nasty KRSK preview down and away and you will arrive at the normal upgrade option!


7. Can I refund? Like, if I am not pleased with this new KRSK card, can I turn it back to square one?

Of course you can. But then you’ll need more mats, the proper ones though.



8. Can I still KRSK a card if I’ve already maxed it as a MR at level 60?

Yes of course. However, you will require fewer mats if you do that. Instead of the usual 3 for UR mats and 6 for SR mats, you will now only need 2 per UR mat and 3 per SR mat. You can treat this discount as compensation for the normal evolve mats you used when upgrading the original card from UR to MR 🙂

Also, when KRSK-ing a lvl 50 UR, the end result will be a lvl 1 MR, while KRSK-ing a lvl 60 MR will result in a lvl 60 MR, so… no XP lost!


9. Are all cards worth KRSK-ing?

Maybe not. Like the above mentioned AWC Percival, the resulting card is actually not that great while the original card is a staple for Thiefs. Please KRSK at your own discretion and analyze carefully the pros and cons, especially if you plan on playing more than one Class.


10. I heard there is a KRSK version of Joan, and it’s very powerful, why don’t I see the option to KRSK it like I do for Himiko?

KRSK cards are also released in seasons. Some KRSK for older cards were released much later than the ones we get to see now. So, please be patient, we are only in Season 2, and I have to say, S2 is HORRIBLY BORING.



So there’s no easy to way to end this chapter, but let’s say hi to our favorite card again ❤