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[Guild Wars 2] A Return…

So it has been a long long time since I posted anything, but it has mainly been due to work commitments and stuff. I’ve been back to FF14, taken up mobile games like Fire Emblem Heroes and 王者荣耀 and most recently, returned to Guild Wars 2. Honestly, I did not expect myself to pick it up ever again, even though my long history with the franchise reveals that I kind of like the game as a whole (lore, gameplay, classes and stuff…).

Back in 2007-2008, I was super immersed in GW1. Feb 2012 had me finding out about GW2 and I spent many hours every day (before it launched) sieving through bits of information about the game and hyping it up like so many others did. I would stay up into the wee hours of the night getting into betas and stress tests that opened at the NA peak hours :/ When the game launched, I was one of the fastest to get my Bifrost within a month. But that also caused me to burn out and quit even before I got to fully enjoy the weapon D:

That taught me a lesson though. In-game achievements can be fun, but it is only fun if you take it up at your own pace. A game is a game, and should be enjoyed thoroughly through the process and the result. As I returned, I found that so many things have changed. But that’s good, because I can really take my time to enjoy now. What’s the use of rushing it all out again. I can never really catch up anyways, since I’ve already lagged behind by 5 years!

The main trigger for returning was Path of Fire though. Heart of Thorns had me thinking about it a few times over the past 2 years, but I killed the idea given the mixed reviews about the expansion. PoF publicity and hype was more well done, and I was really drawn to some of the elite specs introduced.


Zojja’s Musket

So, how do we prepare for a new expansion?


So my main used to be Ele, since it was ranged, felt exciting in terms of combat be it in PvE, WvW or anywhere else. I missed the glorious Tempest though, and somehow I was rather drawn to Thief all of a sudden. That’s when I thought why not give it a try since the spec Berserker could use Bifrost too. Deadeye also appealed to me the most for PoF and so here I am, gathering the mats and stuff from scratch to make an ascended weapon for the new PoF specialization. It was not easy, as would be expected from an end game item, but it was much much more manageable than a legendary grind. I would think that if a casual player played for half a year, he would be able to amass the stuff needed to make a full set of ascended armor and weapons. Most of it is purchaseable at the trading post anyways, and one gets at least the free 2 gold from dailies every day.

This is it for now, since it’s still early in PoF release and I’m already lagging behind ._. But all is good, and I do enjoy deadeye alot 🙂