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[7-Knights Global] TEO

So it’s a long way into June and I’m still playing 7Knights :O It’s probably one of the longest I’ve spent on a mobile game and I’m pleasantly surprised by how I am not too bored with it yet.

So… Teo. As with every new Lord release (Teo isn’t even a Lord, he’s more than that :P), chaos ensues, and people start spending all their rubies trying to lay their hands on the new OP hero. After saving for months, like 4-5 months, and hoarding a huge amount at 10k rubies, I decided to do that as well.

Initially, I was more inclined to spend on Lin (dragon girl), but my recent disappointment with Magic teams made me switch sides to the current physical meta. My previous team of nearly all maxed Magic heroes just wouldn’t cut it, and I’ve continued to drop in rank from 3+k in arena to 2.4k ever since Ace was revamped ._. So, I hopped onto the BlackRose/PhysSpdWeap/VoidShield bandwagon and hence, Teo would be a perfect addition to my new team 🙂

So, Netmarble is evil. With the release of Teo, they have to open up 3rd page masteries as well, which costs a total of 6+k rubies to unlock fully D: As we all know, masteries are THE MOST IMPORTANT investments in this game, and every player should always prioritize unlocking them. As a result, people most likely have to spend all their rubies on masteries, and then if they have any left, start drawing gacha for Teo. That’s when rich players start charging cash, and poor players start getting thrashed by Teos in arena :3

However, I’m a gambler 😀

So, I began drawing gacha right off the bat, and even got some of my friends to help me press the button and all cos my luck for drawing gacha on my own account has always been bad 😦 (Really, account luck and player luck on account are TRUE. I’ve played too many gacha games to realize the effect a person’s hand has on the gacha button on different people’s accounts…) And after much disappointment, and at the last try:


Yeayea, it’s not Teo, but at least… an Ace. And of course this was done by my friend on my account, not me. I did try a few times and all of them were like 1-2 4*s per 11, which is horrible and depressing, and when my friends do it, they were mostly 4-5 4*s per 11.

After putting this pic up into guild chat, I was strongly persuaded to go max my masteries first LOL. But looking at my Chloe Box bar, I decided to just get the S rank Box and then give up. And I did just that. Still no Teo, but let’s hope the Box gives us something from the 7k or 4L category at least, if not I’m gna cry big time T.T

And I went to mail and clicked on the box and


It was a good day.

The thing about 4L and Emperors is that, there is no guarantee of obtaining even 1 more copy in the future, so it may permanently be stuck at level 30, which sucks. Even 1 more copy bringing it to 32 would mean so much since jewel slots will be unlocked. But I guess 30 Teo for now will be OP enough. And as predicted, a 30 +5 Teo in the frontline, with a 32 BR backline (skeleton of my new speed physical team) brought me back to 3k rank in arena in a flash 🙂

Lessons Learnt:

  • New PVP heroes are mostly OP in arena just after release, just look at Black Rose, Yushin and stuff like that. A discrepancy would be Bidam ._. I orginally wanted to max him earlier than BR, but his kit is clearly worse off than BR’s, and even just a few weeks into his release, one rarely sees anymore Bidam in teams.  I’m not saying that Bidam is bad. He has a decent kit really, but BR just outshines him. And since Bidam is meant to be a backline DPS as well, he cannot replace BR. If he’s placed in front, he dies too quickly. That’s IF you even have a slot for him in front, since things like Ace and Eileen/Dellons already takes up 2 slots at least, and most also have a Lubu or Spike and maxed Yushin, which work so much better in front than a Bidam. 2 backline teams featuring BR and Bidam is a thing though, if your BR and Bidam are both maxed out and have enough base DPS.
  • New 4L/Emperor are always OP in arena just after release. Wukong, Lubu, Ace revamp and now Teo. ALL OP. 
  • Getting that S Chloe Box is worth it (if you have horrible luck and got gold from it please stay calm and let it out. Sometimes crying helps). Believe in miracles.
  • Don’t build your arena team around 4L/Emperor. You never know when you will ever get more of them, and 30 +5 versions of them seriously are not that powerful. For me, Teo is only there as a support and tank. My team is built around backline BR, not Teo.
  • Farm more every day. I’m a casual, so I don’t really ruby farm, and that’s why I only have 10k rubies after so many months… Other hardcore players can farm 200 a day, and with bonuses and rewards, will reach 10k in a much shorter period of time. If you want to have more rubies available when your favourite hero gets released next time, start farming now.
  • If you just wna have fun and not get stressed out over a game just like me, heck ruby farming and enjoy the game as you are doing now 🙂

[7-Knights Global] Hard Dailies: Monday Earth


Hard daily dungeon is an essential part of F2P 7Knights (7K) gameplay. Before Hard mode was released, one could only obtain a 3* element of each color per week (assuming you save rubies like me), which results in slow upgrading of your units. With the recent introduction of this incredibly difficult stage (for F2P and casual player like me), you can instead obtain 4* elements every day! This means that not only do we upgrade twice as fast, we also save on the gold and fodder needed to max a 3* element before ranking it up to a 4* :3

So let’s take a look at Monday, Earth element.


The Baddies 


And as with usual Hard mode dailies, we use a team consisting of primarily all-immune characters.


The main damage dealer will be Daisy in the backline, while Rudy is here to absorb some flak, especially the Heavenia debuffs that can ruin our day. So I tried with BaiLong at first, but one Heavenia debuff removal kills undead BaiLong immediately ._. However, the best way to deal with Heavenia is to silence her with Delonse.


The Real Battle 


The first thing we do will be to activate Rudy’s shield. Then we try to silence with Dellons. The recent Delonse nerf lets him silence a maximum of 3 units, so you will need a little luck here. If you successfully silenced Heavenia, the stage will be very easy. Just use all your skills one by one, prioritizing Daisy’s skills and MingMing’s 1st skill.


Use the weaker skills to finish off low HP stuff or just to delay as long as possible for your main DPS skills to go off cooldown.


So there is a Heavenia in each stage, and you might have to silence all 3 of them to clear easily. By the 3rd stage my Rudy has died, but with Heavenia silenced, 4-man is still enough 😀


Have to say, Monday’s daily is the easiest for me. The mobs are mostly tanks with defensive buffs and there is no mob with PIERCE!


With that we clear without rubies used 🙂




So the key to this battle is Delonse, while the key to acing Hard dailies is a set of all-immune heroes, namely: Daisy, Delonse, FengYan and MingMing etc and a BaiLong (to attract lethal pierce skills from some mobs like Wukong). If you have these heroes in place, Hard dailies can be cleared consistently, though some days you might need to revive once or twice. However, simple math will tell you that even if you revive 3 times it’s still worth it to do Hard than Normal!