[FF14] [Screenshots] Adventures of Brushy Ception in Wonderful Eorzea 5, Brushy the DarkKnight

Welcome to the 5th entry in the series of Wonderful Adventures of Brushy Ception in the World of Eorzea. It has been a long time since a new chapter was written about poor little Brushy and his friends, but it’s good to be back.

OMG guys I’m baaack! I mentioned in a previous post that that would be my last FF14 post, but I lied. Yea, never be too final about things, especially MMOs. Well, FF14 is still the best MMO out there right now after all these years, so I kinda go on and off with its subscription. I’ve finally reached level 60 after much grinding and hard work, and have time to post something about my new experiences with the game and its expansion 🙂

So of course the first thing to do would be to rearrange the messy hotbar :/ and redo the macros!
I’ve missed this huge bird so much 😀

So I heard you can fly in Heavensward ._. Not sure how it would be like, but everyone advised me to unlock it quick. Like, it’s really the top 2 priority, the other being main story quests (MSQs). So, here we go, completing the A Realm Reborn MSQs before we can unlock Heavensward content.


Main Story Quests!

Back when I first started playing FF14, I skipped most of the cutscenes, even the voiced ones (nuuuuuu) as all I cared about was leveling, maxing out my character, gearing and dungeons. Somehow, I am still unclear about what 2.0 MSQs were all about, and that made me regret a little. This time round, I decided to take a different approach and watch all the scenes 🙂 

Scions of the Seventh Dawn, hi again.
Things got ugly pretty quickly as the nasty Ascians appear. But shiny Nexus 😀
Really I was not prepared for people to die so soon…

So I realised I look too formal with that hairstyle, so let’s get a makeover done.

Never too busy to get a new look, amidst dying NPCs and the worsening situation with the Ascians.
K, so things escalated quickly, and I got angry.

So long story short, and let’s not spoil too much of the story here, the scions got into trouble and died ._. And I got pissed, as seen above. But who was I pissed at? I would point my fingers at none other than Alphinaud. This pesky little thing has always been proud and annoying. Yet he’s still alive and kicking.

One might ask: Why isn’t this Alphinaud boy ded?
Poor Tataru T.T
Bye Minfillia Waifu. You have been mostly useless throughout the whole story anyways.
And leaving me to babysit this boy further D:


Finally, new content!

So we shall continue with the story next time.


The Dark Knight :3

So I decided to play Heavensward cos of Dark Knight. I enjoyed playing a Tank class in FF14 on a Paladin, but when I heard there’s gna be a Greatsword-wielding tank in HW last year, I was thrilled. And finally, I have the chance to really play one. 

Of course we must start the path of a DARK Knight with someone who’s dying.
But somehow stands up again the next moment.
I love newbie outfits. Too creative and a pleasure on the eyes ❤
And look at those skill icons! SO EDGY!
A true Dark Knight belongs to the Dark Side.
Just an hour ago, I was standing in this nicely-decorated room in a suit and shiny weapon. But I think rags and broken armor and steel symbolize an adventurer more appropriately.
So… level 50 Drk quest. Who do we fight other than our best bud?
Classic FF14 style, always end up fighting a doppelganger of ourselves. But that’s some badass looking armor and sword.
I think my sword will break within 2 clashes.
Hehehe. Die, antiBrushy.


This is not the end of the road for the Dark Knight class though. The story continues with level 52, 54, 56 and so on quests for new skills and plot, which I shall not divulge here. But be rest assured the 50+ skills in Heavensward are really cool and good. 


That’s All FER NAO~~

It’s finally the end of Part 5! Of course, there are still many more peektures of “Brushy the Dark Knight” waiting to be uploaded and shared D:

For this chapter’s ending, let’s take a look at some brilliant fashion ❤

So I bought my copy of Heavensward on Amazon the other day with the help of Pie, and this was included in the package deal: Butler Suit.


Along with this Original Fat Chocobo and many other cosmetic items. Unlike its yellow fat sibling, this chick can’t fly 😡


I’ve wanted one of these Japanese-styled garments for a long time since it was first introduced into the game, but I was always away from the game when the event arrives in Eorzea… But now that it’s on sale permanently in Mogstation, here we go.

I found the original pair of shorts (underwear) that belongs to the set a tad too short for a decent male, so I ended up choosing another bottom piece from the market board. Too bad the pattern cannot be dyed red D:
Greatswords are great 😛
Esoterics armor. Please don’t mind the minion of light. P.S. Idyllshire is an awesome place.

Apart from fabulous fashion, we welcome Pie and Bunny back on board too :DDDD

Bunny is lazy as can be. We need to drag him along roulettes and stuff to even put some more EXP on his bar. 
Main scenario roulette too much work. 
Let’s hope a 4th joins us soon!



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