[FF14] Back and New to Heavensward

So, I missed FF14 and decided to reenter Eorzea.

Of course, the main reason is to admire my beautiful, hard-earned but outdated Nexus skin.


Though there are now plenty of other nice new skins, though there are now Anima weapons, though this newbie Curtana/Holy Shield skin no longer signifies nobility, I shall cherish this Nexus skin and not move forward along the Zodiac line for Paladin weaponry. White glowy circle on shield looks so protective and the sword 😛 I just like the Nexus animations too much to give it up 😀

I think I’ll get Anima (or TRY to, depending on how difficult or time-consuming it is) on Dark Knight, and maybe continue the Zodiac line on Monk. We’ll see… For now, let’s enjoy the game and story as it should be!


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