[7-Knights Global] Hard Dailies: Monday Earth


Hard daily dungeon is an essential part of F2P 7Knights (7K) gameplay. Before Hard mode was released, one could only obtain a 3* element of each color per week (assuming you save rubies like me), which results in slow upgrading of your units. With the recent introduction of this incredibly difficult stage (for F2P and casual player like me), you can instead obtain 4* elements every day! This means that not only do we upgrade twice as fast, we also save on the gold and fodder needed to max a 3* element before ranking it up to a 4* :3

So let’s take a look at Monday, Earth element.


The Baddies 


And as with usual Hard mode dailies, we use a team consisting of primarily all-immune characters.


The main damage dealer will be Daisy in the backline, while Rudy is here to absorb some flak, especially the Heavenia debuffs that can ruin our day. So I tried with BaiLong at first, but one Heavenia debuff removal kills undead BaiLong immediately ._. However, the best way to deal with Heavenia is to silence her with Delonse.


The Real Battle 


The first thing we do will be to activate Rudy’s shield. Then we try to silence with Dellons. The recent Delonse nerf lets him silence a maximum of 3 units, so you will need a little luck here. If you successfully silenced Heavenia, the stage will be very easy. Just use all your skills one by one, prioritizing Daisy’s skills and MingMing’s 1st skill.


Use the weaker skills to finish off low HP stuff or just to delay as long as possible for your main DPS skills to go off cooldown.


So there is a Heavenia in each stage, and you might have to silence all 3 of them to clear easily. By the 3rd stage my Rudy has died, but with Heavenia silenced, 4-man is still enough 😀


Have to say, Monday’s daily is the easiest for me. The mobs are mostly tanks with defensive buffs and there is no mob with PIERCE!


With that we clear without rubies used 🙂




So the key to this battle is Delonse, while the key to acing Hard dailies is a set of all-immune heroes, namely: Daisy, Delonse, FengYan and MingMing etc and a BaiLong (to attract lethal pierce skills from some mobs like Wukong). If you have these heroes in place, Hard dailies can be cleared consistently, though some days you might need to revive once or twice. However, simple math will tell you that even if you revive 3 times it’s still worth it to do Hard than Normal!





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