[Kairisei MA-G] [Stage Info] S3 Dark Chiari Eater

Source: Chinese Website GuideTieba Returned BCE GuideBoss’s BCE Video


Below is the information about Dark Chiari Eater for Season 3 in Kairisei MA – Global. The information was obtained from the above link and has been verified by me in game.

***Note: All Physical damage is colored RED and all Magic damage is colored BLUE. Heal is colored PINK, and all damage numbers are single target unless otherwise specified!



The Raw Stats


Note: There is very limited info for this boss since most of the analysis for other servers was done for the returning Dark Robot instead, which has different stat values. Hence things like HP and Def should be taken with a grain of salt. HOWEVER, I have gone through the above linked video of our own BCE stage and calculated all the damage values manually, so those are accurate.


The Battle


*Note: On odd number C turns, the Cannon gives itself a massive M.Def debuff for the next turn, resulting in negative M.Def for even number C turns! Hence, the primary way to destroy Cannon would be to target it with heavy-hitting Light Magic damage on even number C turns.  

**Note: The M.Dmg buff stays forever, so the main body’s aoe will probably 1-shot healthy teams come turn 25+ or so. However, during a run I did yesterday, somehow the Cannon stopped attacking halfway through the battle at around 10+ C and only did his buff thingy every 2 turns… resulting in an easy win (only have to deal with main body’s damage). Not sure how that works though.


Basic Tips for the Battle:

  1. It is best to ignore the Cannon and Claw during odd number C turns and hit main body instead. This is because Cannon will have huge all defense, causing wastage of damage, and attacking Claw every turn will just result in unnecessary debuffs for all your party members. The main body has pretty high Hp so don’t be too stingy on attacks.
  2. Try to focus on magic damage for this stage, since you will have to break Cannon first. If Thief has team M.Dmg buffs like Soccer Bernard, Merc and Mill can also bring along some magic DPS to join in the fun. If not, all physical DPS please do not try to go for cannon and should focus on body instead. All members should bring along at least a few Light cards for chain during even number C turns that Thief decides to DPS.
  3. Claw should not be focused first since it will apply annoying debuffs to your team, including attack damage debuffs, causing your whole run to slow down significantly. However, if healer somehow cannot manage the damage for a particular turn, consider hitting the Claw to lessen damage taken as a last resort.
  4. This boss does primarily magic damage, hence Mills and Thiefs please being along sufficient M.Dmg debuffs and shields. Debuffs should always prioritize Cannon, while 1 turn shields should be used during aoe turns.
  5. This boss has time-bomb at 7C instead of the 8C for previous hell bosses. Merc and Mill can attempt breaking Claw at 7c.



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