[Kairisei MA-G] [Stage Info] Silky

Source: Chinese Website Guide


Below is the information about MR boss Silky for Season 2 in Kairisei MA – Global. The information was obtained from the above link and has been verified by me in game.

***Note: All Physical damage is colored RED and all Magic damage is colored BLUE. Heal is colored PINK, and all damage numbers are single target unless otherwise specified!



The Raw Stats


Note: Silky lifesteal amount is 3x damage dealt. This stage was introduced very early on, and there wasn’t plenty of info floating around. Hence, HP values are just rough estimates and defense values were left out altogether in the guides =.=


The Battle


*Note: This battle is quick. Enemy movements beyond 7c are left out since the fight needs to be ended quickly anyways and movement from Silky and her parts follow a pretty obvious pattern. 

**Note: The aoe damage and 7c lifesteal damage shown above ALREADY INCLUDES THE MAGIC BUFF from the A side. If you successfully stopped any buff with Achilles or by killing off before buff turn, do your own Math.


Basic Tips for the Battle:

  1. This is a DPS race. The faster you kill the safer you are. The sequence should be kill B -> kill A -> kill Silky.
  2. The safest way possible is to be able to kill off B by c4. This can be done by using high board damage blue DPS cards and stacking water chain as much as possible. 
  3. If B is killed by c4, c5 and c6 will be manageable, allowing you to have enough time to finish off A and then Silky. 
  4. The time bomb is set at c7. If you let the buff happen at c5 (almost impossible to kill A by c5), then c7 will at least take out one of your mates. However, Silky and her parts all have pretty low HP, so it is very possible to even end the stage by c6!


Good luck!




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