[Kairisei MA-G] [Guide] How to KRSMA 4: XP Chiari Farming

This is part 4 of the Newbie Guide Project titled: How to KRSMA by Brushy 🙂

Other chapters can be found here:


After 10 minutes into the game as a newbie, one might suddenly ask a question. How do I level the new cards that I’ve just obtained? In KRSMA, cards need XP to level up, and card XP comes in the form of Chiari, which I more often than not just refer to as “food”. There are 4 types of food, Blue food (500 XP), Red food (5000 XP), Pink food (25000 XP) and Rainbow food (50000 XP). But then how do we obtain them?

Actually this is a guide cum rant. During the past food window, I joined 5 Hard rooms in the span of 30 minutes, and non of them cleared 😡 Too many newbies trying to create Hard rooms, expecting more advanced players to carry them through it, and advanced players bringing their prozor Dragon hunting decks into food stage and falling flat on their faces and so on. Really, it’s not that hard to do a proper job farming food. So how can a kind act such as a guide be a rant at the same time?

Well, in Brushy’s hands it can, and I shall unveil the horrors in pub XP farm Hard Mode ._. But first, let’s get to the basics of food farming. In this guide, we shall only talk about Hard Mode (HM), since the other difficulties are so easy you can blindfold yourselves while doing it. HM is the place where it only drops Red, Pink and even Rainbow food, and hence is many times more productive than Normal Mode. HM is also the place where noobs try to be pros and pros turn out to be noobs.


Basic Rules

I was pondering over whether to place this section before deck building or not, but seeing that most players wouldn’t have the right cards at this point of time, and that even subpar cards can clear this stage if done properly (but slower), let’s talk about how to clear first. This primarily concerns the sequence in which we kill the Chiaris.

1. The 凸 Formation


Usually, the stage starts with a 凸 (pronounced “tu” in Chinese) formation, where a Pink Chiari (aoe damage of 4600 on its first attack) is placed in between 2 Red Chiari. Common sense tells you to kill the aoe mob first, right? But very often we still see players aiming the left-most Red Chiari, then spamming sorry. I mean, comeon…

Sometimes the middle mob could be a Rainbow Chiari, which is harder to kill and does 5400 aoe damage. Same solution though. However, if you detect the incompetence of your teammates or even see the healer start using absolute nonsense like Robert and delay-heal-Jibibibibi, be prepared to whip out that magic defense or Bernard. Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.

Solution: Kill the middle aoe mob first, then proceed to kill left and right.


2. The II Formation


This formation can appear in part 1 or part 2. Common sense, again, tells you to focus one down first, and by default we kill off left before we do right.

Solution: Focus left, then kill right.


3. The < Formation


In part 3, we meet the highest difficulty formation. We already know we need to kill off one first, but which do we choose? Do we choose to kill off the one which does more damage or do we kill off the one that is easier to kill? The key is, most of the time, as long as one of them is dead, you will have already cleared the stage. Hence, play safe and kill off the weaker one.

This is also the stage where accidents happen most frequently. Players spamming “no cards” and players using weak non-Dark DPS and even debuffs (ewww) litter the field and sometimes I just know we can’t kill even one of them in turn 1. So, Bernard/Lunete, I choose you.

Solution: Kill left, then finish off big boss right.


Deck Formation (Classic Edition)

Classic edition meaning the formula used by most pros when they have most of the cards they need for a breeze through food stages. Their deck consists of:

  1. A max Fame leader card. No need to be 4188 or stuff, but best if it’s a DPS card as well, instead of stuff like Unseelie/Dietrich etc. Best if 100 Fame.
  2. 2-3 cards that have the highest patk/matk. Your deck should either be patk or matk based according to your class. Some cards have all stats focused on 1 attack stat, amounting to huge base patk/matk when a few of these are put together, and thus causing damage done by their DPS cards to be much higher than normal. These cards need not be used in the stage at all. They are there simply for their stats.
  3. The rest should be low cost Dark element DPS cards, preferably aoe. By low cost we mean 2c or 3c, as we DO NOT ever want to pass turn 1. If everyone does their job on turn 1 and kill off all mobs, food stage is really a very quick and safe stage to farm.
Single card 698 Patk!!


Deck Formation (Newbie Edition)

Newbie edition meaning due to the fact that the server just launched and most players are still having difficulty finding the Dark DPS cards, alternatives have to be used. There isn’t actually a formula for this, but here are a few tips:

  1. Please put as many Dark DPS cards into the deck as possible, no matter patk or matk. As long as they do damage, 4-chain still helps alot. Please max them as well, we don’t want to see bronze frame stuff flying around.
  2. When out of Dark DPS cards, fill the rest with OTHER DPS CARDS. Please do not include armor debuffs, high cost self-buffs (Ither, Klackie etc) and physical damage reductions or shields in your food hunting deck. “But I can help chain the Dark with my useless cards!” Yea, but they so useless that the mob is still gna be alive after your help, and party’s still gna wipe 😀 The least you can do is bring maxed DPS cards of other elements like Sigrun, AWC and stuff. Try to limit the number of 4c and 5c cards though. They are the main culprits of handlock turn 1 alongside self-buffs.


Notable Cards to Bring (Newbie Edition)


Definitely the star of food stage right now. Maxed Himiko can one-shot Pink food with just 2-chain and also provides the much needed HP to survive a possible 2x aoe in part 3. 3c means she can be played on turn 1 🙂


Physical DPS MVP. Sad that she shows up big time only in food stages, but at least she’s good at one thing, right?


One of the must-haves for Mills and Mercs, and even Bards and Thiefs should bring one along as well for now. 3c first turn Dark DPS, easy to obtain and max, with decent HP and damage. No reason not to bring him.


Similar to Tristan, but a magic version.


Though she is 4c, she does as much damage as Himiko and is a powerhouse as well. The downside is she has 0HP, and has lame stats distribution D: Farmable this season so do get a copy!


The card which everyone seems to have. 4c is a bummer, but when maxed, does provide decent HP and damage.



When helping allies stack Dark chains, we use cards like these instead of other useless Dark cards… These 2c Dark DPS are easy to obtain and max but can provide pretty decent damage when the chain is stacked high.


Notable Cards to NOT Bring (Newbie Edition)


Whenever I see this, a part of me inside dies away. Needless to say, this card is TOTALLY USELESS in food stage and should never be included (if you need Hp, Sigrun. If you need more HP, you don’t need more than 13-14k really. To survive full aoe you only need 11k…). Wastes turn 1 and does not provide any meaningful chain-stack. When you see someone use this on turn 1, please, do not get angry, this is just a game. Hurl your insults at the screen and move on. Try not to screenshot his userid and post on FB group cos it will clog up my Newsfeed.


Ewww. That’s the way I feel whenever I see this card. It has such a horrible skill that using it to help chain is usually not helping much. Turn 1s are everything in food stage, and every card played should be useful. So, please refrain from bringing this.


We love to hear Jibibibibi in Ice Dragon stage, but in food stage, the Jbbbb is often accompanied by a gold bordered level 1 delay heal alien that looks like a clown. So if you won’t even level it for a normal deck, why would you even bring it for food stage? Wastes turn 1 and rarely heals the one who gets hit. Does not even help stack Dark-chain too.


This refers to all self-buffs higher than 2c. You will rarely get to use them, and Dark DPS when chained well do not need buffs anyway. Some players even use Ither by herself on turn 1 while spamming “no cards”. Zzz…


Please no. Similar to Robert but even more costly ._.


This refers to almost all 5c cards. You will rarely get to use them. As for 5c aoes, if by 5c there are still more than 2 mobs on board, you probably in trouble anyway 

In conclusion: If you bother to spend some time collecting the recommended cards, and bring along some HP banks as filler, you most probably would not need to include much more irrelevant cards, much less any of these…


Niche Cards that May Be of Help (Newbie Edition)


As a Mill, when I know we are not going to kill anything on turn 1, I would usually cast this to minimize damage, especially in part 3. It cuts the damage from Chiaris by more than half and saves the day sometimes.


Similar use as Lunete, and easier to obtain. You need to train 1 for Ice Dragon anyways.



  1. Your HP is miserable. As stated before, a full aoe combo from the nasty Chiari deals 4600 + 5400 damage. If you can’t even take that without greying out, please, stay away.
  2. Most of your cards are unmaxed, some in High Normal rarity. The worst feeling that more capable players feel while carrying newer players is when they see irrelevant bronze-framed cards being thrown out in turn 1. It’s more or less equivalent to passing on turn 1. And if your whole deck is full of unmaxed cards, it’s the same as passing all your turns.
  3. You intend to or will end up passing turn 1s due to a variety of reasons including high cost card galore, buff cards and useless cards etc.
  4. You do not even bother forming a deck specifically for food stage. Yes it is totally possible to clear with your pro Dragon deck, but really how much time does it take to assemble a more efficient deck for food stage? Once done, it will save so much time for everyone once and for all. Think further ahead people.


Simple Tips:

  1. Use a leader card with high Fame. If all members proc chests, yield per run can increase by 50% or more. Chests do spawn Rainbow food.
  2. Know how much damage your cards do. For example, Himiko and Gottfried can kill off Chiaris in one hit when chain is stacked high enough. Other weaker cards can also one-shot Red food. If you know your allies can already kill off the mobs left on board, don’t throw anymore cards and save them for the next part.
  3. Build a deck specifically for food farming. This cannot be emphasized enough. You will find yourself a much happier person when everyone on the team uses a good food farm team 😀


Together, let’s strive to make the food-farming environment in KRSMA-Global a pleasant (quick) and happy (safe) one!






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