[Kairisei MA-G] [Guide] How to KRSMA 3: Fame and Recommended Fame Cards

This is part 3 of the Newbie Guide Project titled: How to KRSMA by Brushy 🙂

Other chapters can be found here:


Finally, we have come to an interesting topic which confuses many new players. What is Fame and what does it do? Sounds like just another gimmicky system to scam players! All I can say is, it is a pretty awesome system that rewards a player’s hard work. Can a player totally skip this part of the game? Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on the nature of other players in the server, whether they despise decks with 1 Fame or not. You don’t want to see the team disband everytime you enter just cos you have not farmed up your fame. Should a decent/serious player skip this part of the game? Absolutely not!




Using this pic from the previous chapter, we can see the Fame (point 6) of this card is 1. So let’s explain what Fame is by using simple FAQ style…


1. What does Fame do?

When a card is set as a deck’s leader card, the card’s Fame automatically becomes the deck’s Fame. The deck will ONLY get Fame value from the leader card, so even if you have a high fame card hidden somewhere in your deck and not set as leader, it’s useless.

So everytime a deck is used to clear a stage, the system rolls a lucky draw for every deck (not disconnected) that participated in the stage. From a percentage chance of 1% to 100%, a deck can proc an extra bonus reward. This % is your deck Fame. If your deck Fame is 1, the chance of getting the reward is 1%, likewise if it’s 90, it’s 90% chance!

Note that all bonus rewards for all participating teammates’ decks are shared across all 4 players. So let’s say a normal XP food stage drops 8 cards loot, if all 4 of you proc your chests, it’ll be 12 cards loot in total for all of you instead 🙂

You will get all 3 of these freebies.


2. How does one raise a card’s Fame?

A card’s Fame can be raised by feeding cards of the same evolutionary tree to itself. Each card fed this way raises the Fame by 1. If a card of Fame 5 is fed to a Fame 6, the Fame 6 card turns into a Fame 11.

If a card being fed can raise the target card’s Fame, “Increase Fame” will appear on the card(s) selected.


3. Are there Fame caps for cards?

Yes. A SR (Super Rare) can only have up to 70 Fame, UR (Ultra Rare) 90 and MR (Million Rare) 100.


4. What kind of cards are best used as Fame cards?

First of all, we need to set a goal, and our goal is to eventually get a 100 Fame MR card. Why so? 100 Fame is the max and gives us an additional reward for every stage clear. Also, Fame card is also your leader card, and a leader card has its stats multiplied by 1.5x. Hence it is only logical to place a card with good stats as our leader. By having a MR card as Fame card, we do not sacrifice much stats, and we also enjoy max Fame!

Some cards are better Fame cards than others. For example, as a Mercenary, do you choose a DPS card as Fame card or do you choose a buff card? DPS cards in a merc deck tends to be replaced whenever you fight a different boss, so if you intend to use a DPS card as Fame card, you at least need a minimum of 5 max Fame cards ._. However, good buff cards can be put into any deck since their element does not affect the buff they provide. Hence, 1 Famed buff card will be able to satisfy all 5 of your different element teams!

In short, when choosing a card to Fame, assess its usefulness across a variety of circumstances and boss stages. Cards that fit into a majority of decks you form tend to be better Fame cards.


5. But what can we do now that as beginners, we have no way to farm Fame for MR cards?

As newbies, we resort to using UR Fame cards for now. 90% is pretty high, and some UR cards are very useful and stay in our decks for a long time before being replaced by future cards. Also, many of these UR cards can be farmed from normal maps, which are accessible 24/7 anytime of the year, further contributing to the ease of farming them. When a MR boss drop that fits the criteria to be a good Fame card surfaces in the future, we can then farm it and replace the UR Fame card we currently have with it.


6. What rewards pop out from those reward chests?

Rewards from these chests mainly include the rewards from the stage itself. So Ice Dragon reward chests can also pop Sigrun and MR evolve materials, as well as big tokens and stuff.


7. Are there any tips to Faming a card?

When you feed to a main card, beware! If your main card is max level, each feed costs a huge amount of gold. One can evade this problem by first feeding to another secondary main card(s), then in turn feeding to the main one.


Recommended Fame Cards (Beginner Edition)

After searching high and low and reading a number of articles and reviews of cards by various pros, here are the cards that have the highest rating for Fame 90 UR. Only 1 card per class will be featured. In the future, powerful MR cards that also fulfill the criteria for a good Fame card will appear, and another list will be made then. For now, happy farming these UR cards!

Supporter Ither (Mercenary)

As explained earlier, buff cards tend to be better Fame cards than DPS cards due to their usefulness in all kinds of decks. Being 2c, it does not cause handlock problems and even comes with an innate +1 self-draw. Very useful all around for a newbie and as compared to Klackie, this card can be farmed from normal maps, hence being the choice of Faming.

Farm Location: Cannibal Forests – Captured Soul

Unique Dietrich (Merchant)

One of the most OP normal map cards to ever exist. Many bosses in the future often only have 1 part on them that does physical damage, and this 2c card practically puts many hard to obtain physical shields to shame. Being a 2c card with team draw +1, this card can be used together with any card that does not provide team draw and continue supporting the hands of teammates. Even if used solely for its card-draw effect in some cases, flexible 2c cards like this has value even in more advanced decks.

Some players may favor the 4c shields Laudine and Tarquin as Fame cards, but honestly they die off from the scene much quicker than Dietrich. 4c by itself is horrible due to the possibility of handlock, and their shield potency is too low for their cost. However, if you insist on getting them as Fame cards, please Fame Tarquin > Laudine (magic shields are more rare, especially 2t ones).

Farm Location: Untrodden Peak – Territory of the Non-Humans

Unseelie Court (Thief)

The most powerful physical damage debuff for Thieves in a long while, and it can be farmed! Unseelie and Dietrich are definitely the primary sources of physical damage reduction in the early stages of the game, and they remain relevant for a long time.

Another very promising newbie card for Thief is Bernard, but him being an Egg pool/Affinity pool card makes him hard to Fame up. As for Thief’s 2c buff (hat girl), she is nowhere near as powerful as Unseelie, and gets replaced much quicker.

Farm Location: Twilight Labyrinth

Supporter Evaine (Bard)

For Bards, there seems to be the most arguments over the preferred Fame card. Out of the 3 in contention, this card seems to be the most flexible and useful due to its low cost and decent heal. However, players have complained that this card is much harder to farm than the other single target heal (Bedivere). Fianna, on the other hand gets replaced too quickly by low cost team heals in the future, and if you have started out with Mumu, you might even just leave her out in favor of Ortrud.

As a result, any of these 3 can be used as Fame cards, and it depends on you. I would prefer a 2c heal though 😛

*Some guides also suggest farming Ortrud. However, a better 90 Fame UR card (than all the above) will appear soon as a UR boss (2c team heal 2182 HP) and I would suggest maxing that when it comes. 2c team heals are VERY USEFUL and a staple in any Bard team, and so can stay for a long time.

Farm Location: Temple of Heretics – Altar of Live Offerings



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