[Kairisei MA-G] [Guide] How to KRSMA 1.2: The Interface Pt 2

This is part 2 of the 1st part of the Newbie Guide Project titled: How to KRSMA by Brushy 🙂

Other chapters can be found here:


If you are really new to the game and find yourself lost at the home screen; or if you cant be bothered to explore every part of the game, but wna know more; or if you just feel like reading stuff about the game, this would be the post for you :3

This project shall be split into several parts (so that I do not have to do it all at once). For part 1.2, we shall focus on the remaining sections of the game interface.





  1. Base: Brings you back to home screen if you are elsewhere.
  2. Battle: Let’s you do all kinds of battles.
  3. Arthur: Brings you to the Exploration button and also lets you change your display name.
  4. Card: Lets you level up, upgrade and sell your cards. Also lets you form/tweak your decks.
  5. Friends: You can find and invite friends here.
  6. Shop: Buy stuff with your crystals.
  7. Gacha: The most loved and feared button in the game. If you are feeling lucky, enter the Gacha. If you are not, enter anyway cos there is always a slight chance (BIG CHANCE) to land my favorite new card. WHAT IF I GET LUCKY!?

The above was copied over from part 1.1, and now we shall take a closer look at all these buttons.



Pretty self-explanatory. Quest lets you battle, arena is locked, and the colorful sliding icons below can be clicked to access single-player mode of that stage quickly. Single-player style (otherwise known as soloing) can save you alot of time. Many simpler stages like XP food and materials stages are best done solo since you can choose the strongest friends in your friends list, and you can also auto-battle once inside. The downside is it spends Quest points.


In Quest, you can choose to solo or multiplayer.


If you click solo, it brings you to the normal maps. If you want to switch to special stages, click on “Special” on the right.


Special stages that also display how much time before it disappears for the day. Within each stage you can choose difficulties, with the highest being Hell for foreign bosses like Ice Dragon. In hell difficulty, players cannot revive with crystals.


If you chose multiplayer, you can choose to either form a team or join a team. Forming a team requires Quest points but joining one does not.


Joining a party is great! It saves Quest points and all, but there are downsides too. Firstly, you cannot set the criteria for teammates, since the leader of the group can state deck rank, deck HP and fame criteria. Also, it is sometimes hard to join parties at peak timings, and you have to camp. So, if you can spare some stamina and want a stronger group of allies, do contribute back to society from time to time and create a party 🙂




The top button lets you start an Exploration run. So this Exploration thingy is best explained by using analogies.


You know a candy store situated in the backyard. You know that whenever you enter the candy store, you will be gifted free stuff. But in order to enter the candy store, you need to have a ticket, and that is your Exploration points. Once you enter, you will be given either 5 sweets or 9 sweets (rarely). There are 3 types of sweets: XP sweets, Gold sweets and QP (Quest point) sweets. XP and Gold sweets are more common than QP sweets. The type of sweets given to you each time is random.


Apart from the sweets, the room also has a bonus mystery gift hidden in a bag (chest). It contains either a card reward or Gold reward. Do not trust Gottfried, there are no snakes in a candy store 


Depending on your level, card rarity ranges from Normal to Million Rare (MR needs luck). At my current level, I no longer get Normal or Rare rewards already. Try not to curse whenever you get Gold instead of cards, shi* happens (very frequently).


In Arthur Profile, you can change your display name and comment.




Pretty easy to understand really, and I will feel bad if I have to explain these. Hopefully I will be able to discuss details and stuff in a future post.




Another newbie friendly section. Friends List lists friends you already have and all pending friend applications. Search for Friends lets you search via ID, and also lists your account ID.




  1. Buy Crystal: Lets you use credit card to buy crystals. The primary P2W method.
  2. Buy Item: Use crystals to buy QP (Quest point) potions.
  3. Item Warehouse: Lets you use QP potions.
  4. Expand Card Slots: Lets you use crystals to increase the number of cards you can hold in your inventory.




Everyone’s favorite stop, cos everyone’s a gambler at heart 

  1. Crystal Count: Tells you your current stock of crystals.
  2. Gacha Ticket Count: Tells you your current stock of Gacha Tickets.
  3. Affinity Count: Tells you your current stock of Affinity points.
  4. Current Gacha Event: Shows the current promotion and most recent egg pool additions. Click on the poster for details.
  5. Gacha Options: Lists the choices of Gacha available. Each type will have both single draws and 11-draws, and both have separate discount counts. Right at the bottom you will find Affinity Gacha, where you can visit daily to get a free daily Affinity draw ._.

Friendly Gacha Tips:

  1. Try to plan out in advance how you would spend your crystals. For instance, look out for future or coming Gacha promotions or events before you spend all your crystals right here and now just cause your first discounted 11 draws today spun Gold ._. If you know that Black Rabbit is coming soon, as a thief, you might wna save up hard to unload all when she arrives.
  2. DO NOT BE CONSUMED BY THE GAMBLER IN YOU AND SPEND EVERY LAST CRYSTAL YOU HAVE NOW on either the beginner Gacha or Wind Limited. Wind Limited, being limited (cannot be redeemed with Knight tokens later on) is rare, but pls evaluate the usefulness of cards before diving straight into the pool. Starter Gacha is even worse, I still have not drawn even the 15 crystal discount for it. However, I drew both 15 and 25 for Wind Limited (cos I’m mill, not advised for some other classes).
  3. If you have the crystals or cash to spare, do try to draw the discounted draws, especially the 15 crystal 11-draws and the 1 crystal single-draw. Despite UR chance being retarded usually, it is still worth. However, if you really see nothing you need/want in the egg pool, then don’t. Save it for next time.
  4. Free crystals are hard to come by, spend wisely!!





  1. Announcements: Honestly I think this is more for decoration. Important announcements are all in Notices, and this panel doesn’t even include the most important updates ._.
  2. Quest: Lets you enter Battle button. Pretty redundant as well. Arena and Mission are locked.
  3. Gift Box: The place where you receive gifts from the server and daily rewards.




The “servant” who just can’t stop whispering into my ear whenever I leave the game at home screen. You can get other servants through special events and change them out via settings, but IMO this rabbit is not that bad compared to the others…


This concludes Part 1.2 of the project, and in the next section, we shall look at the details of a card. This also brings us into a mini “RANT SECTION”.


Well, this being a rant, is thus not about the MR (Million Rare) material here, but the insanely low drop rate of materials in MA-G. I’ve been playing the CN version and materials drop like free, so why is it so low over here 😡 I’ve been spamming it throughout the day and all I got was enough to evolve 2 cards ._. GM please.

This also brings us into screenshot no. 2…



The [How to KRSMA] Project:



6 thoughts on “[Kairisei MA-G] [Guide] How to KRSMA 1.2: The Interface Pt 2”

  1. Can you give me some units that essential to Thief ?
    I’ve AWC and Himiko thanks to your guide (rerolling 50 times)
    I also already spent the 15 crystal because my first roll starter gacha doesn’t have any SR on it
    Also what are the functions / use of Kelpie etc in the special dungeon ?

    1. thief’s role in a team is debuff and dps. Right now there are not many cards that can debuff, but notable ones are Robert (free MR card), Bernard and unseelie. For DPS try to train the ones with more HP and 0 stats in patk and recovery. You might want to get a baubansith from boss stage as well.

      AWC and Himiko is good enough as a starter, you actually do not need to spend more crystals, since the current pool of cards arnt worth it. save it for black rabbit (future release that is essential for thief) when she arrives.

      Kelpie is not a very card by herself, and is only useful for mills to do aoe on fire bosses, or clear small mobs in xp stage. As a thief, it’s just for your collection.

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