[Kairisei MA-G] [Guide] How to KRSMA 1.1: The Interface Pt 1

So I got Pie into the game, and am in the process of getting stubborn Bunny in 😛 It’s been a long time since we played anything together and I believe this would be a pretty good experience. So, I had to explain EVERYTHING from scratch to him, and I know there are things that were left out. In order to not suffer again, I shall just do what I can (with my limited knowledge of the game) to do up a short tutorial about the basics of the game. And why not share it with other budding players as well 🙂

If you are really new to the game and find yourself lost at the home screen; or if you cant be bothered to explore every part of the game, but wna know more; or if you just feel like reading stuff about the game, this would be the post for you :3

This project shall be split into several parts (so that I do not have to do it all at once). For Part 1.1, we shall focus on the game interface.

Other chapters can be found here:





  1. Player’s Level: Tells you what level you are now and the orange bar indicates XP. Leveling up resets Quest and Exploration points to full. The higher the level, the more XP needed to fill the bar. Reminder: Try not to waste Exploration points (especially at lower levels)! You may level up too quickly to even get the chance to use it but try to squeeze in some whenever you can. They give bonus XP and essential food and material cards.
  2. Quest Point: Required to do solo battles or create multiplayer rooms. Replenishes at 1 point per 3 minutes. Cap increases as you level. This is basically “stamina” in most other games.
  3. Exploration Point: Required to do Exploration. More on Exploration later on.
  4. Crystals: The amount of crystals you have atm. Crystals are the most important currency in the game, as it lets you obtain new/old egg pool cards that every player wants and needs. They can also be used to expand inventory size and revive in most battles. They can be obtained by completing new boss stages, completing a chapter in normal maps and story mode, login rewards and by using your credit card.
  5. Menu Button: At homepage, clicking this button does nothing. If you are elsewhere and are able to click it, it pops the bottom bar of the home interface to let you access other pages more conveniently.




  1. Notices: Brings you to a whole new world. Please do not ignore this button as a new player and think that it’s a boring button with too many words inside. Check it out if you have time, really. More on Notices below.
  2. Story: Story mode. Gives you more lore and plot about the game and rewards crystals. I actually have not done any story mode, since I like to have a store of crystals when I need them. However, I tried doing a few back in CN server and they do reward crystals… I just do not know how many in total there is inside here ._.
  3. Settings: Pretty easy to understand. Houses the godly “logout” button that facilitates rerolling ❤



Upon entering Notices you will be greeted with big colorful posters informing you about the hottest and newest stuff happening in the world of Kairisei MA-G. Click on any of the pictures for more information.


When you scroll down you will see the worded announcements. Click for more info as well.


As you scroll further down you will reach the beginners guide. For newbies and anyone not entirely familiar with the game yet, these readings are highly recommended. More often than not you will discover new functions and knowledge you did not encounter naturally while playing the game out on your own.


Click on “How to Play”, then scroll all the way down, then click “back” to reach this content page of the tutorial.



Of special importance are the “Daily Exclusives” and “Guerrilla Info” buttons. They tell you which elements’ materials are up for hunting each day, and when boss special stages appear for the season.


And for the benefit of the lazy people out there, XP food stages appear at these windows every day. Timings are in GMT +8.


Clicking on “Exchange Shop” brings you to this page. In the future, other medals will be introduced, and they will all be listed here. Simply click on any of them to enter the respective shops.


Your medal count is displayed at the top. Stuff in the exchange shop can only be exchanged once per item. Please do remember to get one Gacha ticket every season with Big Medals! Exchange limit resets every season.


Last but not least, invite your friends!





  1. Base: Brings you back to home screen if you are elsewhere.
  2. Battle: Let’s you do all kinds of battles.
  3. Arthur: Brings you to the Exploration button and also lets you change your display name.
  4. Card: Lets you level up, upgrade and sell your cards. Also lets you form/tweak your decks.
  5. Friends: You can find and invite friends here.
  6. Shop: Buy stuff with your crystals.
  7. Gacha: The most loved and feared button in the game. If you are feeling lucky, enter the Gacha. If you are not, enter anyway cos there is always a slight chance (BIG CHANCE) to land my favorite new card. WHAT IF I GET LUCKY!? 

The above buttons will be elaborated on in Part 2 of the interface guide. For now, I’m gna take a dinner break ._.


The [How to KRSMA] Project:



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