[Kairisei MA-Global] Rerolling in the New Eng Server ^^

Well I absolutely did not expect Kairisei MA to come up with an English version so soon (let’s call it MA-Global). Have heard rumors about it, but when I did search for it today, I was shocked that it had just launched 2 days ago!! My initial reaction was to download it… But as expected of game launches, especially of translated games, technical issues are bound, including the horrible black screen for some mobiles out there (including my bluestacks on com D:) that held back players from enjoying this game right off the bat. But hey, an entirely new server for global English speakers, starting out with the ancient starter egg pool and boss stages. With that, let’s hop right into the topic at hand, REROLLING.


What’s Rerolling??

For anyone new to card-based online games, a good starting account consists of a nice newbie draw card(s) that allows the player to start off at a higher ground as compared to casual players who play with whatever they get. To get the starting card you like, you restart the game/account and draw until you hit jackpot 🙂 Depending on the game and your luck, this process might take minutes to hours to even days…

Honestly, when I created my first account here in MA-G, I was surprised by how quickly I got to perform my beginner gacha 10 pulls. And the devs are so kind to give us 2 URs for that (in CN no such thing, you only get a UR card that is standardized for everyone according to class, and gets pretty obsolete very quickly except for it’s 4188 stat). Also, the current card pool is so small that landing hits on your favorite card is hardly impossible. As I wondered whether the game would have a logout button to facilitate rerolling, I eventually found it 😀 Real kind devs… ❤

So now let’s move on to the egg pool cards.

– Most opinions I state here would be from the MA-CN forums (贴吧), since players there have mostly played both the JP and CN versions, and they have experience in both starting the game out and their current advanced patches.
– Opinions are just opinions, and what I write are merely suggestions. If you think a card is too good to be true (be it design or name or whatever), please go ahead and trust your gut feeling. It’s your game. This acts only as reference for newer players who are torn between their various reroll choices.
– I may not be as experienced as many players here, and being new to this server, I am not aware of the future card sets that will be introduced here. So pardon me if I mention future card sets that will never ever appear in MA-G, and if you disagree on some views, please refrain from starting a fight. Comments are welcome though.
– Most comments are said as comparison to other MR (Million Rare) cards. Please do not compare MR cards to SR or UR cards, of course they will be better. We are only sifting out the best.
– I will be using images from CN since the game now does not have a proper card library. Numbers are the same.
– I am not an English major. Please DO NOT expect purrrfect English.

– Hope this also answers some questions players have regarding cards’ usefulness 🙂
– Lastly as a reminder, please do not tunnel-vision on one class and one set of cards completely. This game is not one where you can bounce to great heights with just one or two good draws. It takes event after event, boss after boss and draw after draw to assemble a set of powerful cards that work well together. Play the game and do not let the game play you. Be optimistic!



Void Eternal Flame

5c fire aoe, mainly for use in green boss stages. The point of using aoe on bosses is that every boss part receives damage, and every damage on every boss part damages the boss HP bar too. So by buffing the physical damage for this card and then using it on green bosses, you deal immense damage. However, the high cost for this card is a real bummer, as future aoe DPS cards that easily have lower cost will replace this very quickly. Lastly, HP of this card is not amazing.

Soccer Little Grey

Best card a mercenary can hope for in this pool. Up till very many patches in the future, this card is still a staple in every physical merc out there. Being a buff-DPS card and having a low cost of 3, players can play it anytime they want to even on turn 1. A 2 turn buff is also very useful for boss stages, especially for stacking buffs for a burst turn.

Subduer Percival

High damage DPS card that even crits (150% original damage), 4188, but 4c. So 4c DPS cards are ok initially, but as newer cards arrive, they also get replaced pretty quickly. Furthermore, this card does solely damage, nothing more. Moving on, if this card stays in your deck, it would be mostly for HP rather then her kit (for this season’s ice dragon, she is immensely strong).

Conclusion: If you want to play Mercenary, you gta get at least a soccer grey. Getting any of the other 2 on top of that would be icing on the cake. Mercs will be very powerful this season vs ice dragon if they happen to land both soccer and Perc!

Preferable combinations: Soccer grey + Percival > Soccer grey + Void, mainly due to HP considerations, and that ice dragon is lurking around right now…



Unique Sigrun

3c DPS card with a small shield, 4188, no card draw. We need to mention card draw here since this is Merchant’s primary role in the team. A merchant should never focus on DPS, and if you need a shield, there are TONS of better cards providing more shield and card draw in addition to better artwork ._. Hp is good though, and even mercenaries can consider bringing one of these along as DPS card 😀

Note: Courtesy of our friend Alex on FB, the above card can be obtained via boss fight this season… So if you do draw this in your starter, you essentially have 1 UR (MR) less than others! So DO NOT settle with this card, ever 😡 

Unique Joan of Arc

5c aoe light DPS, no card draw, 4188. We see the deadly 5c again, not deadly for the opponent, but for you and your teammates. For now, this could be a pretty good card though, since the good shield cards for Merchant are not out yet, and there is plenty of space in a merch’s deck for good DPS. Later on in the game, throwing this out at 5c turn would most probably piss off every other member in your team, since the no card draw really hurts (in addition to no shield!). 4188 is still valuable, and even though we are seeing many 4188s this time round, they really aren’t that common as we progress.

Subduer Gottfried

3c dark DPS, no card draw. The main use of this card is experience card stage, where dark DPS is much needed. Pretty good DPS card for light bosses too. Other than that, the main use of this card is to wait for KRSK into a freaking OP bard card.

Conclusion: This batch of Merchant cards are horrible, and in no way correctly represents how they work. Later on, almost every card would have at least card draw +1, and any who does not will be rated poorly. DPS while you can merchs… (I main merch in CN, and having joined the fray late, I never got to enjoy DPSing as merch at all) There is a saying in CN that merch is the class that can function totally fine even with just event boss cards. So, don’t go anal with this season’s egg pool 🙂

Favorable Combinations: IDK, really… As a merch player, none of the above even beats Himiko in terms of potential and usefulness later on. If you want to do more difficult boss fights earlier, you can go for the 4188s. If you want to have more flexibility later on (for example, switch to bard), you might want Gottfried. Himiko (thief) would be good if you can land her since she will eventually KRSK into a good magic shield.



awc perc
AWC Percival

3c buff-DPS card. Similar to soccer grey, this is the no.1 option for thief players. This card will be the key component of all thief decks for many seasons to come so please, get your hands on this card.

wind aoe
Type 2 Colgrevance

5c wind aoe DPS, and the only wind aoe DPS for thief for a long time to come. This is the MVP card for ice dragon stage, but other than blue boss stages, this card will hardly see any use.

Unique Himiko

3c dark DPS, 4188. 4188 HP actually benefits thieves the most, since thief cards generally have lower HP (especially the weak ones). So even if this card’s kit happens to be horrible, 4188 still justifies its place in a deck. To our relief, this DPS card isn’t all that bad, being at a flexible 3c and dealing decent damage (please ignore the other effect it brings, not really useful enough to play around it).

Conclusion: Please at least get an AWC. If you plan on acing this season’s ice dragon, go for 2nd UR Colgrevance. If not, Himiko would be a better 2nd UR pick.

Favorable Combinations: AWC + Himiko > AWC + Colgrevance. An additional Lohengrin (Bard) would be good too.



Supporter Claire

5c team physical damage buff for 3 turns, 4188. Another long time staple. This card can hardly be replaced by any other bard card, and is essential in most high-functioning teams due to the damage it brings across 3 turns (usually 5c, 6c, 7c turns, including burst turn). Being 4188, this card is also a good leader card, both boosting your HP and telling your mates “I’VE GOT DA BOMB”!

Subduer Lohengrin

5c team physical defense buff, self draw card 1…. TBH this card doesn’t even make sense. Firstly, since when does bard provide shields? Secondly, merchs have shields that all provide team card draws. Moreover, this card is 5c. If you plan to play bard, please do not use this card. This card’s main use would be to KRSK into OP thief card ._.

Subduer Enide

More commonly known as mumu. 5c team heal. Pretty good card for now, since bards lack good team heals at the start. Once other team heals start appearing, this quickly gets replaced. Also, when low cost recovery buffs come, the high base heal from this card tends to become overkill, and low cost weaker team heals would be sufficient even in the most difficult battles.

Conclusion: MVP in this pool belongs to Claire. If you plan on playing bard, Claire is a card which you will have to get eventually.

Preferable Combinations: Claire + Enide. An even better combination would be Claire + Enide + Gottfried (Merchant).


Sidenote: As for me, I eventually got AWC + Himiko after about 12 tries ^^


References: bard cards

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