[Kairisei MA] Clearing 超弩 (Grandmaster)!

 So it’s been abit more than a week since I started playing the game, and woohoo~! I’ve managed to clear all 超弩s (Grandmaster difficulty) for this patch’s boss stages 😀 I think i consider myself lucky too, since many players, despite having played for a far longer time, still have difficulties clearing stages at this difficulty. What’s the recipe for success?


1. Use your stamina wisely, create rooms yourself for these very difficult stages and set high criteria for pubs, like 27k HP, 90 fame and stuff 😛 When I passed it for the first time, I was at around 21k HP, with a 90 fame 5* card as portrait farmed from normal maps ._. But hey, if you pubs are not happy with me, get your ass out or spend your own stamina 😡 And when I saw the boss fall and crash into a pile of rubble, 我的小手微微地抖了一下, and a tinge of excitement hit me after realizing just one clear of GM difficulty rewards you with 10K boss tokens!!! (The 2nd highest difficulty rewards much much less per clear… I think around 800?)

2. Please raise your HP to the max of your abilities. No stat is more important than HP in these boss stages. With HP you can do whatever you want, if you die you can’t revive cos this is GM difficulty :/

3. Play your role well. I wouldn’t be clearing these stages if I were to be lame and DPS as a 富豪 (rich kid). My DPS would be insignificant and I would be unable to shield us with even the pathetic shields I have in my card pool. That is also why beginners are not encouraged to play 佣兵 (mercenary), since DPS in a team is supremely important, and only 佣兵 is a pure DPS. Beginners who have sucky card pools will lead the team into a car accident more quickly than players can quit the room.

4. So I fought yet another battle of GM just to get some more tokens for drawing new cards, and also because GM is the really fun thing in the game. Let’s take a look at the battle…


Boss Battle: 暗切尔莉吞噬者超弩级 (暗马桶)(Dark Toilet Bowl)


First, let’s enter the stage.


Pretty bad hand, since there are 2 cards which are unusable at turn 1. Also partly cos of my deck composition. Being a beginner, I lack good magic shields, and that 5th card…. is a pretty bad one from normal maps, 一张随便哪只小猫小狗都有的辣(垃)鸡(圾)..


Animations are pretty good in this game, but after some time you feel like they should have a fast forward button.


This stage is actually the easiest for a beginner to try out. The boss does not have crazy immense damage in a turn, and even with a weak magic shield the boss’s aoe only hits for 5.6k (probably due to the mage’s debuff too). In contrast, another boss this week of similar difficulty does 20+k aoe damage for 2 consecutive turns in addition to high single target damage on those turns ._.




The great magic shield lancelot (兰基佬).


With a shield as big as his (7+k shield!), the boss starts dealing 1 damage (1 turn only shield, use with care).


Boss side parts usually are the ones dropping the big reward cards, so be sure to destroy them first.




Boss Stage Rewards


Too bad this time round we don’t get the card, not like I need more of it anyway ._. but hey we got the MR evolve element and our promised 10k boss tokens 😀


So what do we do with these tokens?


We can use these tokens to exchange cards that drop from all special stages this patch! Honestly, the drop rates for cards are not all that high except for in the highest difficulties, so weaker players who have a difficult time farming the card they need can farm up these tokens slowly and eventually trade them in.


The MR ones are 10k each and crappier ones are slightly cheaper. Please do not exchange for the trash cards, you will do much better drawing cards with the tokens if you don’t need the MR ones.



Yep, you can draw cards using these tokens! If there was a diamond pool(蛋池), then there is a token pool(币池)as well. 10k tokens will get you 10 cards from this pool, consisting of a separate pool of cards that are also pretty powerful (several new unique cards per patch enters this pool and can only be obtained via boss tokens obtained in the bi-week!). However, this pool consists of experience cards, gold cards and evolve elements too, but at least you will get the UR or MR rarities.


All cards drawn from this pool are 4* and above, with most being 5* (evolving into 6*)!


Shit happens, very frequently  _(:3 」∠)_


Ooo a new card! And it’s for my class 😀

So in addition to boss tokens, each bi-weekly boss stage drops a particular 5* card (5* -> 6*), and they are sometimes very powerful and key to a class’s pool. For the past 2 weeks, these are the GM boss drops:


This… really. This card caused me so much agony. As you can see this card is pretty good for 富豪s out there, and is one of the few stable +2 card draw for the whole team out there.


In later turns of a fight, one would frequently encounter crazy situations like this where your mates (including yourself) start dishing out 3 cards per turn, and if you don’t use +2 draws (most 富豪 cards are only +1), they will experience card deficits, and will start spamming the 补牌 (replenish cards pls!) emote at you.

Farming the card above (also called 酒瓶, or wine bottle) was so difficult during the first week, since the drop rate was pathetic at best. After hunting the stage’s less difficult difficulties (I was too weak), and spending some diamonds reviving in them, I finally got 1 after almost a week D: But then I needed 2 more to evolve another key card. Of course all is well now since I can already clear GM with relative ease, and GM’s drop rate is pretty high.


Another evolve element, and a pretty decent fire sword (DPS card) for 佣兵. Somehow this dropped for me quite easily even in lesser difficulties.


Not really sure how good this card is (have not researched about mage cards), but seeing how sought after black rabbit is, this full team magic damage buff at the cost of 2 should not be too bad either, though the much lower buff amount might not justify a card slot.


Bug 奶 (bug milk). If players start calling you bugged, you know you’re good. Not surprisingly, this card is almost a must have for clerics, and definitely one of the strongest cards a beginner or poor cleric player can farm free-of-charge. If you start playing the game next week and miss the chance to get this, I feel bad for you. Hope the new key system allows players to get this whenever they need to.


And that is all for now, bye!


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