[Kairisei MA] Stumbling Across a Quality Game..

Now, it’s been a really long time, but there really hasn’t been anything exciting… up till now at least. Tower of Saviors has grown bland for me (not that the game is bad or has gone in the wrong direction, but sometimes one just gets bored of doing something), and FFXIV sucks if you try playing from China, and really it’s gone bland as well ._. Anyways, let’s get straight to the point, which is 乖离性百万亚瑟王, or Kairisei Million Arthur.

So whenever i get bored, I start looking for mobile games, simply because they are free to try out, and require less commitment than full-fledged PC/console games. And in China, we look for Chinese mobile games. After a year and a half of searching, and countless prayers that the next CN mobile games I try will be of acceptable quality and not just another $sink, here we are with the cream of the crop. Guess what, it’s not a Chinese game afterall :D? since it’s a Japanese game originally developed by Square Enix and imported and translated into Chinese. I heard there might be an English one for SEA, but I’ll just stick to this. So what makes this game so appealing and fun that I would even bother to write about it after just having played it for a few days?

Beautiful card artworks that make collectors work the extra mile to obtain them, even if they end up being a useless 仓管卡 (backpack card).


Combat System

Being a mobile game, it impresses me that MA (Million Arthur) has a pretty well-developed combat system which functions much like most Final Fantasy games. It’s turn based, requires planning, strategy and knowledge of the boss, and most importantly the cooperation of all 4 players. Yep, this is a multiplayer coop game, and even if just 1 member drops the ball, the party’s gna wipe (for high difficulty bosses).

4 classes make up the team: 佣兵 (Mercenery, but really a DPS, can be physical or magic), 盗贼 (thief… but functions as a debuffer and a DPS Mage), 富豪 (Rich Kid that provides shields and card draw abilities, sometimes contributes to physical DPS) and 歌姬 (Bard, the sole healer of the team. Also buffs DPS). In each team of 4, only 1 class each can be present, so friends who wna play together, please don’t choose the same class to main. Choosing a class to play at the beginning is not permanent commitment though, since after a while (took me a few hours) you can play any class you like, but is primarily determined by what cards you drew in your first few 11-boosterpack draws (扭蛋, or diamond pulls).

Bosses that are hard to defeat without prior knowledge and planning. Plan the cards you bring, and plan which to use when.
But then you can only have a max of 5 cards (of 10) in your hand each turn, so you still have to plan for worst case scenarios if your card draw is bad.

There are too many mechanics to list out here, but it’s fun 😛




I would say, it’s pretty similar to ToS, and that’s a good thing. Cards have varying rarities, highest being MR 6*, and they require you to feed cards to them to level to max then evolve using fixed evolving materials. The 狗粮 (EXP cards made to be fed) can be easily farmed in stages that appear in 2 half hour windows throughout the day, but they actually do not require any stamina if you know what you are doing!

Also, powerful cards are not all and exclusively in the 蛋池 (diamond-draw pool). Many key cards of each class are only obtainable by defeating the bi-weekly bosses (think SM stages in ToS, they disappear after the window, bringing along the chance to obtain the exclusive card it drops with it _(:з」∠)_).

This very powerful Bard card (bug 奶) drops from this week’s boss stage 😀

Also, drawing cards via diamond pulls rewards 骑士币s (Knight coins) that can be used to exchange for most cards in the pool.. so if your luck really sucks, after a while you can collect enough of these coins and buy it (your favorite card, or the imba card) straight. ToS players 不要太羡慕 😀


Collaboration with Exciting Stuff!

So we start realizing how much ToS’s popularity has grown once it began collaborating with other games and stuff and I still believe this is indicative of how well a game is doing. For the game to collaborate with one of the most popular Animes ever, Fate/Stay Night, it’s a huge blessing for the people of our generation who happen to be both gamers and anime followers.


In Conclusion

These are basically a few standout features of the game that I’ve experienced so far, and there are many more that I really love or even appreciate it being there. The battle system is  much more complicated and exciting than what I listed, so you never know how fun it really is until you start fighting those bosses. When you are out of stamina, there is an exploration system that rewards you with some stamina to do more stuff, experience to reach the end of the exp bar for max stamina again or gold to … well, spend. This is also one of the very few CN mobile games where Android and iPhone users can play together in the same server (though I play mostly on the computer using emulator) ._. Since the CN version is slower than the Jap one, we can already see what’s in store for us, and a recently added feature allows for some cards to even switch to an entirely new one of another class, possibly making an outdated card highly sought after again.

乖离进化, and I do not know how to translate this. Just know it’s another kind of evolution 😀

In short, it is very much worth a try for anyone who’s into card games, strategic boss battles, pretty card art and regular new content by an established developer. As usual, I shall end abruptly, bye.


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