[Moonlight Blade OL] [Translations] Key Information and Abilities of the Current 7 Released Jobs (身份)

Here is my attempt to translate the summarized info about the jobs (身份) available now in Moonlight Blade Online. Jobs are a very essential part of playing this game, but the game does badly in explaining the system. They are extremely complex in terms of gameplay, but their potential is huge. If played well, they can earn you lots of gold and also bring much fun into your gaming experience. In addition to gold earning uses, they also provide a variety of other uses, like mass PvP advantages, crafting, team buffs and even permanent stat boosts. Without further ado, here’s the translated table from the duowan website (please click on the images to enlarge them).

Screenshot 23

Screenshot 24

As it is translated, do pardon any mistranslations on my part, since I am not a master of English or Chinese, nor am I a seasoned veteran of the game. I have not personally played as all of the jobs before, so I cannot understand some of the specific skills and abilities stated in this table (marked ???). However, I do hope this still proves useful ^^


Source: Table of job information from Duowan page


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