[Moonlight Blade OL] [Event] Clear 5 Achievements This Weekend for Rewards (Including Free Permanent Fashion)!

Event Timing: Now till July 5th 2359 hrs (Sunday, China time GMT +8)
Event Rewards: 30 Bound Gold, 1000 Bound CC (Cash Shop Points), Free Permanent Fashion Costume Set
Event Requirements: Complete the following 5 achievements in game before July 5th 2359 hrs and receive the above rewards starting Monday (6th July) night 8pm!

You can check out achievements in-game here :)
You can check out achievements in-game here 🙂


Step 1: Add a Friend


Description: Simply… add a friend.

Achievement required: 呼朋唤友


Step 2: Own a Pet


Description: You will get free pets from the gift packages you receive for logging in daily (you stop getting them after a while) when you just start out. Right click on the pets you receive in your inventory and you will become the owner of it.

Achievement required: 幼年伴侣


Step 3: Get a Job


Description: Upon reaching level 30 and doing the quest line up to that point, you will automatically be required to take up one of the many jobs available.

Achievement required: 千人千面


Step 4: Experience a Full Day in Moonlight Blade


Description: Simply be online when day breaks, evening starts and night falls and experience a full 24 hrs of in-game time (equivalent to 4 hrs real time).

Achievements (all 3) required: 映清晨、渐黄昏、夜阑珊


Step 5: Archive 5 Pieces of Gear


Description: Many pieces of gear (top, headgear, shoes, gloves, weapons) can be archived to turn them into permanent fashion collections to be stored in your wardrobe!


Upon clicking on the 3rd button on the bottom of your inventory, the items that can be archived will be lighted, while other items that cannot will be dulled. Simply move the cursor over to the lighted item and click and confirm. A fee (bound gold) will be required. Do note that once archived, the original item will be consumed!! Hence, if your gear is already enchanted or has good 3rd party stats you wish to keep, do not use them to archive. Either hunt for another piece, or if its a quest reward, they can be bought from NPCs everywhere in the world with a “” or “” above their heads (example NPC location: costume: 开封白萱萱2296,1220, weapon: 开封谷铁匠2274,1222, both are located in 开封 city)!

Achievement required: 多彩


By completing all the above 5 achievements within the stated time period, players will receive their rewards from July 6th 8pm onwards 😀




Source: http://wuxia.qq.com/webplat/info/news_version3/5012/5013/5014/5015/m3486/201507/356779.shtml


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