[Moonlight Blade OL] [Announcement] Moonlight Blade Online OBT starts 1st July!

Hi everyone! The Moonlight Blade open beta is finally here and will open on 1st July 2015 1400hrs (China time, GMT +8). So all who have been waiting long and hard for the chance to hop into this beautiful game need not wait any longer! Additionally, 6 new servers will be opened much earlier, on 30th July (today) at 8pm China time for character creation.

However, the main aim of this post is to direct your attention to one of the old servers: 大地飞鹰, subserver:凤凰集, as most of us English players from the last beta test are currently playing there. Also, we already have an English speaking guild set up in our server! It would be an absolute blast to have as many international players as we can playing together in one server and we can help each other out while partying together 🙂

On a side note, the 7th class (五毒) WUDU will be released this OBT!

Without further ado, here’s the guide on how to get into the game, or prepare to get in: djkinetic’s guide on account creation and game download

As per Chinese MMO on launch day tmr, do not expect to get in right away when 2pm strikes. The Q will be long 😀


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