[ToS] [Nightmare-Stage] The Evil Controlling Orders Nightmare 0 Diam Clear, 3 STARS GRIND!

SM Stage: The Evil Controlling Orders (Nightmare)
Card Reward: Diablo, Manipulator of Elements + Infernal Phantom
Date: 2nd May 2014
Pre-req: Cleared Normal Diablo SM


So I’m back with good stuff ^^

0 Diamond Clear, but this is pretty grindy, BEWARE!
0 Diamond Clear, but this is pretty grindy, BEWARE!

Disclaimer: This team was introduced to me by a fellow ToS buddy Babapp (not sure if he saw this somewhere, but this is just to credit whoever came up with this team :)). I am just a beneficiary of this grind team, so don’t thank me if it works for you, I’m not the creator of this.


So the main idea of this team is to take any/all damage that comes towards you like a man, with the help of PR Wukong Ame4. You need that 80% reduction for most of the stages, and you also need that dodge in stage 1. By using PR Urd as leader, you can heal by dissolving Water runes! The heal is actually pretty good, and definitely more than enough for this Nightmare Stage. Pisces is here to fulfil the achievement for a 3rd Water member, and also to provide those Water runes for heal in case you run out of them. The other members are here for burst, and you should burst whenever possible (unless otherwise stated) to save time. If not this fight is gna take sooooo much time and sanity D:

Stage 1: This stage sets a minimum criteria for your team, where your total team HP needs to be higher than the damage done by all these elves. This way, you can take hits from all of them (while full HP) and not die. After your HP is in the red, you need some luck, to get more Water runes to heal or for the enemies to miss hitting you ._. In the meantime, try to kill at least the middle elf first. If all goes well, you are pretty much safe.

Stage 2: Nothing special. Kill one of them first then the other. Difficulty: 1/10.

Stage 3: These puzzle shields aren’t that annoying considering you have infinite turns to get them right and a Daji to help you out when you burst. Just stall more Dark runes before you burst and fulfil those shield conditions when you do so and you should breeze through. Difficulty: 1/10.

Stage 4: Kill Yvette then work on Magness. After bursting off Yvette, get Magness to ~60-70% HP and burst.

Stage 5: This triple freeze prevents you from slacking, so you needa dissolve those half-frozen runes each turn to ensure that you can burst. So do that.

Stage 6: One of the harder stages, if not the hardest here. You need to kill off those 2 eggs before you can even hit Isabel. To top it off, she reduces your spin time to 2s, what a biatch. And since they all attack at the same turn every 6 turns, you need to heal very frequently. Save your Pisces active for critical times and try to kill the right egg first (to maximize damage reduction effect when they attack together). When you get close to killing the 2nd egg, stall Dark runes, and definitely do not kill it off when Isabel’s CD is 1 ._. If you really need more turns to stall runes and Isabel’s CD is 1 already, use Urd to freeze her and delay the resummoning. Then, burst through!

Stage 7: Get him to 60% HP (play safe) then burst. My average bursts with this team is around 3m damage with 6 Dark runes (pls try to stall for more for safety. Fail burst = dead), with my highest hitting around 9m. So you should be able to KO him if he’s at 60%.

Stage 8: Really simple stage. Just heal when needed and burst when CD is up, no danger whatsoever. The revived Elf Queen can’t hurt you too Wukong OP. Difficulty: 1/10.

Stage 9: Another simple stage. Burst when CD is up ._. After killing her, quickly note where your Dark and Blue runes are! They will change to another color upon entering the next stage (eg. all Blue will be shown as Red etc.).

Stage 10A: So I hope you took note of what your Blue and Dark runes have been substituted by, since you need them for heal and damage. If you got them down, simply play as per normal, bursting when possible, but keep in mind to stall the correct “Dark” runes. You can use your crafts here since the HP of Diablo is pretty high.

Stage 10B: Pretty simple, since your runes have returned to normal 😀 Make sure to have all 5 colors on board before bursting and to stall for more Dark. Congrats on clearing this Nightmare stage, obtaining an Infernal Phantom (you need 2 ._.), and clearing all 3 achievements in 1 go for the Nightmare part!

The grind is worth it, cos 3 stars in 1 go, and no Diamonds needed!
The grind is worth it, cos 3 stars in 1 go, and no Diamonds needed!

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