[ToS] [SM-Stage] Reign of the Star 0 Diamond Clear :3 Big Bang SM!!!

SM Stage: Reign of the Star
Card Reward: Regulator – Deus Ex Machina
Date: 29th Nov 2014
Pre-req: None

Before the Big Bang members return, here comes Regulator. Flashy name and flashy card design, but equipped with once of the most basic yet useful skills in ToS, rune converting.

I seriously do not know how this guy is related to Big Bang..
I seriously do not know how this guy is related to Big Bang..

The stage information can be found here: English Wiki and Chinese Wiki

Several new mechanisms litter the stage, and I was initially skeptical about whether I could clear it. That is also the reason why I did not manage to capture a video for this SM… since I did not expect to clear it on my first try with such a normal Norse team ._. This is the team that I used:

Standard Norse.
Standard Norse.

2 bursts, a good Heart converter, a good Dark converter and mega converting power from Odin/Loki when needed. This shows how simple the SM actually is.


The Reign of the Star Battle!

Stamina required: 50
No. of stages: 6

Stage 1: DO NOT read the skill description wrongly! The icon looks like Trojan but it’s the one that increases attack intensity every turn. So you should definitely be killing it off asa. However, I would suggest stalling at least 2-3 turns here for you converting actives to charge up partially. For a Norse, this boss should not be a problem if you are not too starved of runes.

Stage 2: The first 2-part boss amongst many in this battle. For the first part, simply dissolve 3 runes per turn to deal 6 damage. You will be able to kill him after your 5th turn. The damage he deals is simple to heal up too. The 2nd part hits harder and limits rune spinning to 2s. You will probably need to activate Endor for this 😐

Stage 3: New mechanism: frozen runes. Every turn, 2 runes will be half-frozen at random. If they are dissolved that turn, they will be frozen and cannot be dissolved for 3 turns. They can be moved… so make full use of it to clear them each turn. As long as you clear them regularly, this stage is not too difficult ^^

Stage 4: 2-part boss. For the first part, 11k damage per turn is the main problem. Use you Heart converter sparingly and remember to deal damage to him every turn! If you are super afraid of him, bring along a healer, damage reduction or freeze/charm. As for the 2nd part, burst him down.

Stage 5: His ability affects only Dragons in your team. So for me, the boss is fine other than his 8k damage per turn and super high HP. But thats what Norse teams are good for, so juggle the use of your converters + Endor and you should be fine.

Stage 6: New mechanism 2: 2 spots on the board will be locked at random. If spinning reaches them, your spinning will stop. From my observation, the spots do not change after turns. For me, I used Odin/Loki and Daji to arrange runes manually. However, you will have to plan beforehand to make sure you do not touch those fixed spots, so if the fixed spot is Red, bring your Red runes up there to dissolve it, and at the same time stager the Dark runes 🙂

Congrats on obtaining this interesting card! This stage is pretty doable, so don’t be afraid. If you lack a good Dark converter (which you should not be, given the ease of obtaining and maxing a Baphomet), you will want to get this guy. As for a Big Bang team with this Regulator as leader, I do not recommend rainbow full Big Bang since their actives work horribly together. A mono Dark with Regulator and GD would be fine though, as it works similar to Norse but with less raw stats, more flexible small converters and 1 or 2 more spots for flavour cards.

Hope everyone has fun hunting this guy down!


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