[ToS] [Special-Stage] The Key to Legacy! 0 Diamond Clear :D Get Your Memory Trav NAO~

Special Stage: The Key to Legacy
Card Reward: 1 Memory Traveler
Date: 27th Nov to 1st Dec 2014
Pre-req: None

This is a super easy Memory Traveler stage. I have a feeling Madhead is gifting this for people to try PRing their Paladins…

A basic, tumblerable stage.
A basic, tumblerable stage.


The stage information can be found here: English ToS Wiki and Chinese ToS Wiki

This stage is filled with bosses that are pretty easy to deal with, either by armor-ignoring damage or by dps shooting skills. Furthermore, the bosses do not hit twice, so bringing in a Tumbler leader makes the whole stage super easy even for new players.

Keep your HP low, but high enough to withstand the hits from all 3 witches in the first stage. This way, you will be able to heal back past the 50% mark easily every turn!


The Key to Legacy Battle!

Stamina required: 20
No. of stages: 7

Stage 1: Stall stage. KIll at least 1 witch asap and you are safe from danger. Stall till all cooldowns are up before moving on.

Stage 2: Activate John and shooter’s abilities to clear this stage instantly.

Stage 3: Use Verdandi’s active and you are safe (as long as your HP is low enough for you to heal past 50% every turn. The sequence of HP change here is: Idun heals you up, then HP drops by 50%, then Verdandi’s leech heals you up abit, then boss hits you with that meagre damage. So once you have Verdandi’s leech up, this stage is a breeze. Just remember to dissolve runes everyturn, as per any Tumbler Idun team.

Stage 4: PKoF, or any AoE armor-ignoring damage (PR Faugn, Valkyrie, Verd etc).

Stage 5: If you want you can activate Idun’s ability, which makes this stage lame. If not, it’s still easy to stay alive by spinning or doing whatever you like.

Stage 6: BE PATIENT. Wait for him to launch his first attack, then use John to kill him off.

Stage 7: Wait for his first attack too. Then deal armor-ignoring damage for the kill. If you have Faugn, you can use your active the moment you enter 🙂

And congratz! This stage will disappear once you clear it, so do not think about farming it :/

Below is a recording I did while clearing the stage, but it’s littered with lame mistakes ._. Firstly, the spinning here is terrible, since I do not have to do much damage with my normal attacks at all, but I still took a little too long finishing off that last witch. Secondly, I got confused at stage 6 and did unnecessary stuff… You just have to shoot that guy off and proceed… so do not follow what I did in the video for stage 6 D:



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