[ToS] [Video] Return of The Evil Lord (5th Nov 2014) Nightmare 0 Diamond Clear :X

SM Stage: The Evil Lord
Card Reward: Saruman the Evil Lord
Date: 5th Nov 2014
Pre-req: None

Well.. I only passed this new Nightmare stage at about 10pm, so I thought a guide would be rather meaningless by the time it’s up. Nevertheless, I did record the battle, which I cleared with 0 diamonds with my Light Greek.

As can be seen, it’s been a long time since I played this team (due to recent Egyptian craze in both SM and Multiplayer…) and I forgot to switch ML on at some critical points in the fight. I was not really familiar with the stage too, and I tried to stall at the Achilles stage cos the icon looked too much like a Trojan’s ._. Also, this is not my proper Light Greek team. The PR Idun was supposed to support me through the 20% tumbler boss stage, but she only popped right after I passed that stage D:


In all, it was a nice addition by Madhead to build on the Soulmaster Stages! Normal cards need to be PR-ed, so why not SM cards? Though there were PR Yan and Xi previously, the addition of an additional difficulty level to SM stages is something fresh, and brings alot of excitement and anticipation towards the return of other old SM stages 😛 I shall wait patiently for my PR Siriuses :DDD


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