[ToS] [SM-Stage] Joyful Graveyard (31 Oct 2014) Halloween SM 0 Diamond Clear!!

SM Stage: Joyful Graveyard
Card Reward: Ed the Innocent Necrophilia
Date: 31st Oct 2014
Pre-req: None

Halloween SM card stage 🙂 With the recent introduction of the PR Egyptian teams and the “pew pew” trend of clearing stages and multiplayer battles (I shall rant about it maybe sometime later), Madhead has decided to create a SM stage to encourage even more mindless pew-pew-ing ._. Well, we still have to do it, and we shall get right to it before it gets too late into the night 😀

Testing needs to be done to verify whether this card can make its way into the teams out there.. but I see a max skill lvl 15 again D:
Testing needs to be done to verify whether this card can make its way into the teams out there.. but I see a max skill lvl 15 again D:

The stage information can be found here: English Wiki and Chinese Wiki

At first glance, the whole stage hints PEW PEW. Meaning you can clear most of the stages just by activating the active skills of sniper cards (those that deal 10k, charging up to 100k, and with PR Egyptian leader and ally… up to 1.225 million damage) and your Egyptian cards’ actives… The only problem is to get their cooldowns up best before stage 2, or stage 3 (if you are confident in your combat abilities despite bringing so many snipers (stats as good as nil) so that we can nuke those lame trash mobs and exploding eggs and together with them, the rest of the battle as well. This is the team that I used:

2 main points of damage dealers only. This is crucial to stalling in stage 1, which is crucial to winning this SM..
2 main points of damage (The 2 leaders) only. This is crucial to stalling in stage 1, which is crucial to winning this SM..

So I went to PR my Tefnut just for this stage, and also used a few Baby Harpies on those snipers, which was really not necessary for my strategy ._. Why is PR Tefnut the core of this strategy? His leader ability makes attacks and direct damage abilities like sniping deal 3.5x the original amount to opponents that are Fire or Dark. With 2 Tefnuts, we get 12.25x, which turns a 100k damage snipe into a 1225000 damage nuke. This in turn makes this whole battle pretty easy and short, if you have enough snipes to begin with.

Very under-leveled leader, but is sufficient :)
Very under-leveled leader, but is sufficient 🙂

One thing to note is that PR Tefnut’s ability also does major damage, and will be multiplied by that insane multiplier, so count them into the amount of snipes you have at hand too! However, their damage is significantly less than the 100k snipes (in 1 of my tries, I used it on Isabel, and couldn’t kill her D:), so it’s best to use them on the earlier stages which require less damage. The Pollux is used to save your ass when you run out of Hearts while stalling. It’s Dark, so it will not receive a damage boost from your leaders, making his damage naught. Also, he has decent HP and Rec as a converter, and we need every point of stats we can get with this stupid under-leveled team… Without further ado, let’s get into this exciting SM!


The Joyful (not) Graveyard Battle!

Stamina required: 50
No. of stages: 5

Stage 1: Stalling stage. My strategy involves stalling “n” number of turns here, where n > 17 (Tefnut’s CD). 3 bitches await you with CD 3 as you walk into the battlefield. The win condition is that you kill 2 of the bitches before they attack. In order to do that, you need to: 1. spin well, 2. have at least 6 Water runes on board before you launch an attack (if not, clear other runes and wait for more to drop) and do as many combos as possible. At most 2 of the bitches will die since the only cards that will be doing damage are the 2 leader Tefnuts. If you bring a 3rd damage point, you risk killing the 3rd one too, which signals game over. And 3. repeat the attacks until 2 bitches die. Once you leave a lone bitch standing, your chance of clearing immediately shoots up. You would want to be slapped by this last bitch for as many times as possible, and with each increasing slap you will be happier. Do remember to frequently heal as your Rec sucks. Also, clear out blue runes from time to time so that skyfalls do not accidentally dissolve many of them and kill off the last bitch! If you successfully stall till all CDs are up, CONGRATZ.

Stage 2: You can stall 1 turn here by taking a hit from the poison guy. But if you did it right in stage 1, just move on. Use a Tefnut snipe and proceed.

Stage 3: Here I used a 100k snipe, in case Tefnut’s snipe fails to kill them off cos of their shield.

Stage 4: You can stall 2 turns here. If you don’t need to, just use a 100k snipe and move on.

Stage 5: A 2 part boss. He starts with CD 3 so you can actually stall somemore if you desperately need it. If not, you can Tefnut snipe the 1st phase. The 2nd phase is the risky part. You are now left with 1 100k snipe, and it will deal 1.2m damage, which isn’t enough to kill the boss. However, your insane multiplier makes regular attacks hurt pretty bad too. So, be sure to spin well and do decent damage after you use the snipe! DO NOT spin before you nuke, since he is invisible. Nuking removes his invisibility so your can attack him after that ^^

With that, we have come to the end of the Joyful Graveyard. To be honest, it’s not easy. There is simply very little room for error in the 1st stage! But once you make it through that stage, the rest is pretty manageable. Just take note to use the different snipes properly! 😀

Note: PR Ra sniping team definitely works as well!

PS. I forgot to mention about the achievements earlier 😛 Well you can see the list of 3 to complete at the end of my video (I cleared them all in 1 go). They are all pretty easy to achieve with this pew pew team, since if you are so under-leveled as a primarily beast/dragon team, your Rec isn’t gna be anywhere above 1k. Your ally and leaders are gna be the same since both are PR Tefnut/Ra, and of course as the title says, I did a 0 diamond clear 😀


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