[ToS] [SM-Stage] Zeus is back! Astral Thunderbolt (25th Oct 2014) 0 Diamond Clear

SM Stage: Astral Thunderbolt
Card Reward: Thunderous Supremacy – Zeus
Date: 25th Oct 2014
Pre-req: Have cleared at least 2 Zodiac Chapter 1 EXTRA stages

Zeus is back! For anyone who has not paid attention to this past event/Soulmaster stage, Zeus is something like Odin, but for Greek instead of for Norse. It’s a cool card to have, and it’s rather easy to obtain, especially if you already own a decent Greek team!

Zeus is back!
Zeus is back!

As stated, in order to even be let into the stage, you have to have cleared at least 2 Zodiac Chapter 1 EXTRA stages 🙂

The stage information can be found here: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Discussion-Info-Strategy-Astral-Thunderbolt and http://zh.tos.wikia.com/wiki/%E8%92%BC%E7%A9%B9%E9%A9%9A%E9%9B%B7

This SM strongly suggests the use of Greek teams to clear it. Many bosses with enchanted shields (Greek teams always have enchanted runes on board), and one with a 8+ combo shield (much easier for Greek than traditional teams) litter the first half of the battle, while high HP and damage bosses end off this SM stage. In the previous Zeus SM post, a simple converting team was used. This time round, with the addition of Zeus and Hades to the Dark Greek roster, it seems much easier to clear it than before ^^:

A pretty stable Greek team. Would be fantastic if Zeus's cd was shorter D:
A pretty stable Greek team. Would be fantastic if Zeus’s cd was shorter D:

There are only 3 core cards in this Artemis team: Artemis, Pollux and Baphomet (best if Ameliorated). The other 2 slots can be filled by a variety of other cards, mainly those that increase your damage output, or additional converters. Possible replacements are: Endor, GSOD, additional Baphomets and Polluxes, Cassandra, PR Xi and so on. Just make sure that your total HP (along with ally Artemis) is above stage 5 Hephaestus damage of 14186.

Stage 1: Because of our high starting HP and Recovery, it does not matter much if you stall here or not anymore. The only reason you would try stalling is to get Zeus up before the whole thing ends, but other than that, simply try to at least have some Dark runes left on board before entering the next stage. It’s hard stalling here as Greek anyways ._. You risk either taking too much damage cos you cant kill them with no combos, or you KILL THEM ALL after 1 fateful skyfall.

Stages 2 and 3: They are essentially the same thing. Enchanted shield bosses with crazy high damage (CD1) and low HP. Kill or die. If you do not manage to kill in 1 turn and die, my suggestion is just forfeit and try again. Try to dissolve at least 2 groups of Dark runes in addition to other color sets. Better be safe than sorry cos CD 1.

Stage 4: 8+ combo shield. I suggested the use of converters the previous time around, but it’s not really needed. Simply spin 5-6 combos, including 2-3 Dark rune sets and you should get 8 combos with a bit of luck. This would make stalling the next stage easier cos you have a safety net left (Pollux). If you doubt your own spinning skills, go ahead and convert.

Stage 5: Enchanted shield again. Though I said you can “stall” here, it isn’t necessary at all, especially if all your CDs are up or almost up. What’s best NOT to do here is to spend your converters, since the next boss requires some damage and does not let you get your CDs back if you kill the boss with them here. Use normal spinning and damage to take him out!

Stage 6: A countdown kind of boss, kill it in 4 turns or die. Spin and damage for 3 turns, before converting and killing him off. In the video, I moused over the Artemis active, since I used to activate it here for increased damage. However, with Zeus + Artemis combined active, you can’t spend it here D: So I put off the idea. Little did I realize that my Zeus’s active WILL NOT BE UP BEFORE THE WHOLE BATTLE ENDS, so saving it here is lame ._. Yea, his role in the team was to provide some solid stat boost, no more no less.

Stage 7: Zeus, a countdown boss as well, kill in 5 turns. If all your actives are up, you are pretty much safe. Activate Artemis active, then Art + Zeus combined active, then convert whole board to Dark and kill. As for me, since Zeus failed me big time, I had to use the old method of debuffing and stacking the debuff, before bursting at turns 4 and 5. Even then it’s quite safe, since I managed to easily kill him off with just a Hades active at turn 4 (not needing the turn 5 burst). With that, congratz on a shiny piece of Zeus!

In all, this stage is perfectly farmable, if you are looking to get a Max CD Zeus by the end of today. Farm 50 or more of them and start YOLO feeding. Once you get your first Zeus, power level him up and you might even be able to use him in your Greek team to continue farming him!

The new achievements system adds new flavor into this SM stage as well 🙂 Now, you have even more reason to spend you stamina refill today and get that Stone Inscriptor! Not a superb reward, but still…

5 members in a Greek team. You will need some skyfall luck.
5 members in a Greek team. You will need some skyfall luck.

With regards to Zeus as a card… I have to say he isn’t all that fantastic and essential. Unlike the tight bond between Odin and Norse leaders, Greek teams normally do not need a Zeus for that huge burst, unless you are doing something like the 101 trials :/ If not, replacing him with a converter like Ame 4 Baphomet or Hades will usually bring more flexibility or burst turns (no. of turns your team can burst, determined by the number of groups of cards in your team that need to be used together to deliver a decent damage burst in a single turn) into the team. Furthermore, the above mentioned converters are much easier to bring to max, since Zeus has a staggering max skill level of 15 D: However, one can still try to hunt a copy down, since the stage is easy, and there are times when you use him in other teams that are non-Greek (active of 3x damage boost when HP is full is moderately useful). So… get moving!


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