[ToS] [Guide] Nothing to Do Waiting for Patch, Let’s PR Idun!

It’s been a boring 2-3 weeks in ToS. Everyone is waiting for the huge patch to come (it will be up by tonight ^^) and there’s really not much to do, except for that hellish atavism thing D: But then, Way to Ruthlessness is up again! In order to participate in the grindfest again, all you need are some black hole keys and alot of time. The previous time I cleared it with Water Paladuck and PR Idun, but that took ages considering I do not have a Lubu… This time round, I want to try using PR Idun and PR Wukong to clear it. But in order to do that, we need to PR the Idun.

This card has been left sitting in the invent for too long. In order for it to be useful, PR is essential, and it's advised to Ame III too!
This card has been left sitting in the invent for too long. In order for it to be useful, PR is essential, and it’s advised to Ame III too!

Let’s first determine our goal. The goal is to be no longer reliant on random allies’ PR Iduns, and be able to bring along PR Wukong allies instead. In order for that to happen, and being anal about maxing out a card’s abilities, we shall bring the Idun to PR Idun Ame III. Ame IV is useless since you are not gna be doing good damage for that extra ability to pay off anyway. Ame III raises the auto-heal every turn by a nice chunk, and souls requirement is not that bad at that stage.

The plan would be to first max out 5* Idun’s card level (no one cares about her skill level). Then, bring her to Ame III, since Amelioration stages are generally easier than PR stages. Lastly, we shall PR her, before maxing out her card level again 😀

All these stages aren’t difficult at all. You just need some prior information about the battles and go in knowing what to do at each stage. Please go to the respective wiki pages for information (will not link here since there are many battles involved and I’m lazy).

1) PR-ing Idun only requires 1 Horner (the current trend is that 5* to 6* PR requires 1 PR element while 6* to 7* PR requires 2).
2) To Ame III Idun, 350 souls are required.
3) Besides the required souls and mats, a player has to complete specific stages using only the character involved or with lame assigned allies.
4) Diamonds may be used during these stages.


The Amelioration Battles!

Stamina required: 20 for each Amelioration
No. of stages: 2-3

Ame I: You have 8 turns to stall till you get 5 runes each of Red and Light. Dissolve both groups and stage 1 is cleared. For the puzzle 2nd stage, it’s foolproof, since you can’t die.

Ame II: Simple puzzle shields for stages 1 and 2, with 8 turns for you to successfully deal damage. The last stage requires you to dissolve runes within the puzzle nicely, meaning if the puzzle states 5 of a shape, only dissolve those 5. Any same colored runes linked to those in the puzzle and dissolved will waste your turn. Sounds complicated but really it’s lame easy.

Ame III!: Your auto-heal is sealed for stage 1 so you might want to clear this stage asap. For stage 2, auto-heal makes it so that it takes the boss quite a few turns to kill you, and it should be easy to heal up once every few turns. Just focus on clearing off weathered runes that he throws at you every turn. Be extra careful not to touch them ._. One touch and you fail the whole battle 😡

Ame III!
Ame III!


The PR Idun Battle!

Stamina required: 30
No. of stages: 3

Stages 1: You will never die. Stall as much as you like, preferably until your active is up, and farm half a board of light runes.

Stage 2: Your auto-heal gets sealed away again… So use those light runes you saved to clear this stage asap. You might also want to save some heart runes here if you can before you finish this guy off. Pleaseeeeee remember to get your active up before you move on to the next stage!

Stage 3: Overheal boss which you have to kill (heal?) within 5 turns. Immediately activate your active upon entering. This stage is why Ame III Idun makes it a bit easier to PR Idun, but really it takes some luck for sufficient heart runes to drop every turn. Unless you are really unlucky, or spin 2 combos per turn, this stage should not be a problem too.


In all, PR-ing Idun is a pretty simple task as compared to more recent PR stages. PR Idun has always been a much used card, for that super OP auto-heal and the 100% clear rates it guarantees (with appropriate teams) even for extremely difficult stages. Be it beginners who use her just to stay alive or grind out Seal 3 Odin boss; be it full-time grinders who have no good burst teams to take on SM stages and have to resort to grinding every time (tumble and PR Wukong damage reduction teams’ goddess of hope); or be it advanced players who have no choice but to use her to grind past crazy “Way to __” stages for guaranteed clear rates, PR Idun will stay as one of the few ally cards that everyone needs a few of (in friends’ list), just in case. Taking into account the usefulness and value of a maxed out PR Idun, I would consider it a worthwhile task going through all this trouble 🙂 May everyone be blessed with a pretty, lovable PR Idun!


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