[ToS] [Special-Stage] The Unwinding Force! 0 Diamond Clear :D Gratz on Easy PR Element

Special Stage: The Unwinding Force
Card Reward: 1 PR Element
Date: Oct 2014
Pre-req: None

And here it is! Another PR element stage 🙂 This time round, it’s noticeably easier, as there are very few “specific” stages. The only real specific card (think PR Verdandi/Faugn/John etc) would be the one you use to take out the final boss (of your choice). As with other more recent PR element stages, the final boss is a random PR element, and you can simply exit to try again if you do not meet the one you want!

I chose to bring this fun team in :) You can bring in your favorite team too, as long as the damage is good!
I chose to bring this fun team in 🙂 You can bring in your favorite team too, as long as the damage is good!


The stage information can be found here: English ToS Wiki and Chinese ToS Wiki

This stage is filled with bosses that are pretty easy to deal with, mainly just by brute force. There is no limit to the leader and ally cards you can use at all, as long as you can finish the bosses off easily (best to bring along 2 burst sources). However, you will still need a specialized card to deal with the eventual boss (Faugn for me) so don’t forget to bring it along! As per usual, for Memory Traveler (Humans), you either hit it 22 times (think 4* Witches) or use a PR Verd. For Horner (Gods) use Faugn and for Mosasaur (Dragons) and Fairy (Elves), use either Faugn or Tulzscha. For Cryptid (Beasts), you will have to burst it down.

Another advice would be to have your team’s HP to be higher than 15312. You will then be able to withstand being hit by the boss in stage 3. If not, do bring along something to freeze the boss. I have seen people with evolved witches countering the shield too (witch active hits target 15 times) so you might want to try that too.


The Unwinding Force Battle!

Stamina required: 20
No. of stages: 6

Stage 1: Stall stage. KIll at least a few before they start attacking you. It’s hard to stall for too long, but try your best.

Stage 2: The real stall stage. Kill 2 of them to leave 1 up and start your stalling 🙂

Stage 3: The boss needs to be hit 15 times before he will take damage. 3 methods. 1) Be able to tank the hit from the boss and manually drop the 15 hit shield before you finish it off. 2) Use an evolved witch and clear the shield with her active before finishing the boss in 3 turns. 3) Start by manually clearing the shield. Before boss attacks, freeze it with Urd or Isabel or Medusa. Kill as per normal after that.

Stage 4: Burst them down, together. If not they will merge into one horrifying monster D:

Stage 5: Best to burst down as well. This is why it’s best to bring along 2 sources of burst to deal with stages 4 and 5. If not, you can try your luck stalling at this stage by not doing damage to him. Healing up 7k HP per 2 turns is still pretty easy.

Stage 6: Just use whatever you need to clear this last PR element boss (as described above)! Congratulations on obtaining another PR element ^^

This stage will disappear once you clear it, so do not think about farming it :/ Below is a recording I did while clearing the stage, hope it helps!

Here’s hoping everyone gets their desired PR element in 1 try!


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