[ToS] [SM-Stage] Birth of Jade Supremacy :X TaiShangLaoJun太上老君 SM 0 Diamond Clear :3

SM Stage: Birth of Jade Supremacy
Card Reward: Celestial Supremacy – Taishang Laojun
Date: 8th Oct 2014
Pre-req: None

TaiShangLaoJun太上老君 is finally here! Every Greek player has been waiting day and night for their respective elements’ Hades, and now Green gets their beloved full board converter :DDD

Pretty standard full board conversion. Leader ability seems good though, since Gods are so prevalent nowadays.
Pretty standard full board conversion. Leader ability seems good though, since Gods are so prevalent nowadays.

The stage information can be found here: English Wiki and Chinese Wiki

At first glance, the problematic stages will be 6 and 7. 10 combos in 1 turn is not an easy feat, especially when Greek has it hard here because of the full attack nullification in stage 3. Having to tank the boss (every turn dealing 12k damage to you) while removing the 15 hit shield is insane as well. However, the fact remains that a high damage team (preferably Norse for mono, or whatever grants high multiplier for hybrids) is required to clear this stage with minimal diamonds. This is the team that I used:

High HP and high Rec, coupled with something to deal with that 15 hit shield :D
High HP and high Rec, coupled with something to deal with that 15 hit shield 😀


The Birth of Jade Supremacy Battle!

Stamina required: 50
No. of stages: 7

Stage 1: Stalling stage. You will want to kill the white tiger first. The other beast does 8k every 3 turns and is pretty easy to heal up.

Stage 2: The boss hits harder every turn he stays alive, and if he hits you for the 4th time you will die (or at least I would). Hence, you need to complete 22 hits on him in 4 turns. Another more straightforward method would be to just use a source of armor-ignoring damage like Verdandi. However, that will leave you with one less active for the rest of the stages.

Stage 3: As long as the middle girl stays alive, you will deal 0 damage whenever you match 5 runes of the color you are attacking with. If you are using a Greek team, good luck with trying to limit those skyfalls, as most of the time you would either launch a full attack anyway cos of the high randomness of Greek skyfalls or end up dealing too little damage due to no skyfalls. If not, just kill off the 2 lackies by the side before stalling with the girl. She deals pretty manageable damage every 3 turns ^^

Stage 4: You need to burst him down, successfully. If not, the reflect damage will definitely kill you.

Stage 5: Kill off one of them asap and you should be fine treating this as a stalling stage as well. 40% per turn is pretty easy for any team with decent recovery.

Stage 6: The feared 10 combo stage. You can either use PR Daji and pray for a few additional skyfall combos, or simply use a PR starter like my PR Endor. They provide a more stable way of getting more than 10 combos. I got a bit lucky in the video below (playing in class again), but out of the few times I tried this stage, 10-12 combos with the initial spin is definitely possible.

The only reason you would bring a Greek in here will be for this stage. So Greeks have it easy here 🙂

Stage 7: 15 hit shield again… and he hits so hard every turn. As with the PR element stage, either 1) use an evolved witch active then burst it down, or 2) freeze him while you remove his shield, or 3) heal through the damage. After that, a good solid burst should bring him down!

Congrats on obtaining this super youthful TaiShangLaoJun! This stage is very farmable, if you are looking to get a Max CD TSLJ by the end of today. Below is my run-through 😀

Hope everyone has fun hunting this guy down! If you have an Athena lying around in your backpack, be sure to get your hands on a TSLJ by midnight!


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