[ToS] [Guide] The Harpy in the Black Hole :#

Black Hole Stage: Den of Ancient Beasts
Card Reward: Harpy
Date: Permanent
Pre-req: 100 Black Keys

Ever wondered what would be a good way to spend your guild black hole keys on instead of wasting them on too-easy-to-get evolve elements? Ever felt tired of hunting for more great soulstones after finally maxing the level of your main cards, but still having to hunt more of them since they are supposedly the most valuable stuff in black hole stages? Ever reached 100 keys while doing the 2nd mission out of 5 for the day and having to hit “back” just to go spend some keys on soulstones in order to not waste them keys, only to repeat this painful process again the next day?

WELL! HERE’S a solution… let’s get that Harpy. It may look like a waste of keys (100 keys… for 1 Harpy? There goes my 20 days or more of hardwork D:) but it really isn’t. Harpies are considered one of the most valuable cards in game, and any player who has played this game for at least a while (playing seriously, with effort put in to construct better teams) should know that. And to be honest, a mere 20 days in this game is peanuts. Anyway, if you think Harpies are garbage then so be it, this post merely aims to remind confused players about this avenue of using up all their stored up keys once and for all (for 20 days at least ._.). The Harpy stage is also pretty easy, if you have some of the key cards that deal with the mechanisms involved 😀

A team specifically designed for this stage.  Damage is not too high, but high enough to kil that bird at the end :P
A team specifically designed for this stage. Damage is not too high, but high enough to kil that bird at the end 😛

The main thing to note for this stage is NOT TO THINK ABOUT GRINDING THROUGH IT. The last boss has a pretty high HP (unlike the one in transmigration), so some sort of burst and decent leader ability is required. However, the stages in between are the typical high armor low HP mobs, which require specific low stat cards like Valkyrie/Verdandi and stuff to breeze through.

The specific details for the stage can be found here:

English Wiki
Chinese Wiki


The Black Hole Harpy

Stamina required: 30
No. of stages: 7
Black Keys required: 100

Stage 1: A bunch of fodder mobs whose aim is to turn all your active skills’ CD to 0. No reason to not kill them right off the bat unless you fancy some rune storing.

Stage 2: Valkyrie/Verdandi should do the job (vs high armor low HP stuff). I chose Valkyrie since she’s Dark. Remember that bomb minions need to be killed off by skills to negate that explosion!

Stage 3: Stealth mobs. Firstly, they cannot be controlled, meaning poison and leach will not work, meaning Valkyrie and Verdandi are useless here. They cannot be attacked, so please do not waste your time spinning. The way to clear will be to deal skill damage that does not involve targeting or planting poison. By doing that, they will be revealed and you will then be able to hit them. If not, just use a PR Faugn to deal aoe armor-ignoring damage through the stealth and move on.

Stage 4: Great soulstones… Kill asap and move on, we don’t need to stall.

Stage 5: They may look dangerous at first, but look again at their armor ._. If you brought in decent leaders as advised, they will be super easy to take down with just normal hits. You have 8 turns to try and deal 20k damage per card comeon..

Stage 6: Pretty specific stage. If you have a decent John, congratulations this will be a walk in the park. If not, this might be the hardest stage here. You will need to deal lots of single target damage and also heal quite an amount every turn, assuming they won’t all attack you together in a single turn!

Stage 7: Not the easiest stage to clear (there’s stage 1 x.x) but it’s really pretty over once you reach here. If you did bring along decent leaders, just burst this guy down in one turn and WHEEEE~~~ As shown in the screenshot above, even with all those specific cards involved, there’s still one more slot left for you to add a major dps card in. If you brought Norse leaders, feel free to bring along an Odin or at least a good offensive converter. In the case of Greek, Ame IV offensive converters or whole-board converters would definitely do the job for you.

It is really easy to spend your saved up keys, just like how you spend cash on diamonds. The key to it is to find something worthwhile to spend them on >_-


In order to make this a more complete guide, I did record my run through. However, please pardon the very many unnecessary stalling here and there. I simply have the habit to stall whenever I have the chance to 😛 May everyone get loads of Harpies everyday!


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