[ToS] [Guide] Let’s Go! PR-ing Yan and Xi (WIth Noobie Video Included :P) <3

I suddenly felt like it’s been a long time since some delicious new content has been added for Tower of Saviors… Well the new special stage fiends are cool-looking, but kinda useless D: My standard teams are pretty much maxed and there’s nothing to do. Seems about time to craft a new play-team that’s more YOLO ^^

Not too long ago, Yan and Xi appeared again in our special stages, and players who were unable to obtain them earlier this year (I remember the previous time they appeared was in January) will now have a shot at hunting them down and adding them to their collections! It used to be super difficult to obtain the very rare “Xi”, but they claim to have upped the appearance chance this time round. For me, I got tired of a Dark Greek, so Yan is my focus now instead 😀

._. After a while, one does not need anymore Xis, but they seem to keep appearing when you least need them :P
._. After a while, one does not need anymore Xis, but they seem to keep appearing when you least need them 😛

So why have they made a reappearance? Aside from it being a periodic re-introduction of old stages by Madhead, the recent 7.1 patch made Power-Releasing (PR-ing) Yan and Xi possible! Being, bored, I decided to PR both of them… Being bored, I decided to max Yan’s skill level… Being bored, I figured maxing her skill level via random-lucky-bastard-style-feeding was the way to go instead of the usual 10 million stage grinds with Nezha… Being bored, I farmed 50 Yans and fed them all to my MAIN YAN before my slvl 7 Yan successfully popped “max slvl” ._.

Maxing farmable cards the "tuhao-way", spamming diamonds and clearing them stages, before feeding massive numbers of them to a MAIN.
Maxing farmable cards the “tuhao-way”, spamming diamonds and clearing them stages, before feeding massive numbers of them to a MAIN.

And then, PR Yan time!

So Yan was already max level and max skill level by the time I decided to PR her. Regrettably, I did not record a footage of that stage, but still, I can provide some basic pointers regarding how to clear it. The specific details for the stage can be found here:

English Wiki
Chinese Wiki

1) PR-ing Yan requires 1 copy of Xi as a material aside from other usual mats, while PR-ing Xi requires 1 copy of Yan as material.
2) Besides the required mats, a player has to complete a PR stage using only the character involved (either 6* Yan or 6* Xi, of your current lvl and slvl).
3) Diamonds may be used during this stage.
4) Entering the stage requires 30 stamina.


The PR Yan Battle!

Stamina required: 30
No. of stages: 4

Stage 1: Very easy first stage. If you want to stall CD here, kill off 2 and save Light runes while making empty turns. You don’t even need to worry about healing since it’s pretty easy to heal to full in just one turn at any point in time. If you don’t wish to stall (you really don’t have to, stage 3 will take alot of turns to clear anyways..), do one full attack and let’s move on.

Stage 2: Kill off 1 asap. If you are confident of your skills, do whatever you like here, it’s not that hard too.

Stage 3: Pretty easy stalling stage. Enemy drops you to 30% hp every 2 turns, but it’s really easy to heal up since you are God race. Enemy’s hp is pretty high so you might need a while to kill him off (helps you get your active ready if you breeze through the previous 2 stages). Just don’t forget to heal and you should be fine.

Stage 4: Finally… Upon entering the stage, Xi Boss should be at either 4 or 5 CD. DO NOT get tempted to immediately use your active and try nuking her down… Most likely you will fail to do so, leaving her at low hp after 5 turns, and she will POOM POW double hit you for crazy damage. The thing is that being a trojan boss, she will not hit hard at all if you don’t do anything to her, and she will not deal a killing blow to you as long as she is above 50-60% HP (depending on your Yan’s level). Try dropping her slowly to that amount of hp, let her attack you one last time to bring her CD back up to 4, before you finally activate your active and do whatever you can to destroy the boss ^^ Better be safe than sorry!

Your only card in play, a pretty weak Yan..
Your only card in play, a pretty weak Yan..

Overall, pretty straightforward stuff. It is not difficult as long as you don’t panic, and try to take this safe approach in stage 4.


The PR Xi Battle!

The specific stage information can be found here:
English Wiki
Chinese Wiki

Stamina required: 30
No. of stages: 4

Stages 1 and 2: Similar to PR Yan battle. No reason to ever have any difficulty with these 2 stages comeon ._.

Stage 3: Hmm.. At first glance it looks scary since the enemy now hits 40% of your hp per turn. But if you look at it in a different way, it basically just drops you to 20% every 2 turns, and Xi, being a fiend (low hp), is super easy to heal back to full even with just a set of 3 Heart runes every 2 turns. As usual, you will spend some time here, but it’s quite safe really.

Stage 4: Due to Xi’s attack stat being higher than Yan’s (Fiend vs God), this boss Yan’s hp is also much higher than the boss Xi in the PR Yan battle. However, the trick to dealing with this stage is identical to the one in her twin’s PR battle: simply manage the boss’s hp to around 60% (you don’t wna venture too close to 50%.. a random skyfall combo-fest will mistakenly kill you if you are not careful enough) before one last attack from the boss and off you go throwing whatever you have at the boss.

This PR Xi stage felt alot harder for me, and that can be due to me entering the stage at lvl 80 with slvl 5… Though the slvl might not be a big contributing factor, the extra stats do help, especially if its your only card in play. SURPRISE!! I recorded the PR Xi battle! I may not be a good enough player to show off the skillz but still, the video demonstrates how to safely take out this boss and successfully PR your Xi 😀 YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE GODLIKE SPINNING SKILLS TO PLAY THIS GAME YOZ >:0


In all, these 2 PR stages are not all that difficult! If you are wondering whether their actives are useful, be rest assured they are pretty powerful in a Greek team. If you are still skeptical about the upgraded actives’ effects after PR-ing them… well, just don’t be, it’s really worth the effort. Here’s hoping everyone has a safe trip through these PR stages!


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