[ToS] [Special-Stage] Hidden Pneuma :/ 0 Diamond Clear ^^

Special Stage: Hidden Pneuma
Card Reward: 1 PR Element
Date: Aug 2014
Pre-req: None

I’d really glad Madhead is making PR elements more accessible now by re-introducing these stages rather frequently 😀 Well, I already have a copy or 2 (or 4 for horner ._.) of each, but for newer players who need them real badly, it’s a good move to make them wna play more and work to PR their favorite cards!

No special requirements to enter the stage. Just prepare the 20 stamina required and in you go 🙂 You will not know which PR element you will encounter at the last stage UNTIL you reach that last stage… However, it does not stop you from trying the stage till you meet your desired one. The easiest way to do that will be to press the menu button at the top and select “Leave”. You waste 20 stamina for abandoning your current stage, but that’s all worth the tries to eventually get that much needed PR element 😛 I tried 5 times and went through 100 stamina without batting an eyelid, and I would even diamond-to-stam-refill if I still did not meet my precious 😐

Do not mind the members here.. this was taken at some random time just for illustration purposes :D Yep the MENU button is up there at the top-right corner
Do not mind the members here.. this was taken at some random time just for illustration purposes 😀 Yep the MENU button is up there at the top-right corner
Leave once you find that the PR element boss isn't the one you would like to meet!
Leave once you find that the PR element boss isn’t the one you would like to meet!

The stage information can be found here: English ToS Wiki and Chinese ToS Wiki

This stage is filled with bosses that have relatively basic mechanisms, ones which can be worked around using easy-to-obtain-cards, like valkyrie/verdandi, Faugn/Tulzscha and the likes. There is no limit to the leader and ally cards you can use at all, and my recommendation will be a PR Idun, since it makes stalling so much easier.

As with all PR element stages, the team will end up being a messy mix of utility cards :D
As with all PR element stages, the team will end up being a messy mix of utility cards 😀

There are many core cards in this rojak team, since basically each member card is used to deal with one of the stages specifically. An armor-ignoring damage dealer is needed for stage 3, and Valkyrie is chosen. For stage 4, any sort of skill damage that kills all these exploding eggs at once will be fine. Stage 5 will be more difficult for most, since the best card to deal with them is a John. Stage 6 can be done by Daji or PR Verdandi, or just brute force it with imba recovery… As for the last PR element boss, it depends. For Memory Traveler (Humans), you either hit it 22 times (think 4* Witches) or use a PR Verd. For Horner (Gods) use Faugn and for Mosasaur (Dragons) and Fairy (Elves), use either Faugn or Tulzscha. For Cryptid (Beasts), you need to be equipped with some good burst.

Stage 1: Stall stage. KIll 2 of them and you will be safe forever with PR Idun’s insane heal per turn. The trick is to not kill them by skyfall Dark rune combos.

Stage 2: If you accidentally killed all them weak slimes too quickly… which I did for the majority of my runs D: do not worry since this is another stall stage. You will eventually die with healing from PR Idun alone, but focusing down one of the slimes is pretty easy. Once 1 goes down, it’s back to grind-healing and make sure all actives are up before you proceed.

Stage 3: Use Valkyrie active, or any active that does armor-ignoring damage of more than 20 damage (4* Witches work too >_=).

Stage 4: Use Verdandi’s active and dissolve runes that DO NOT kill off more than 2 of the eggs (best to just dissolve Water/Heart/Fire for my case). If you have more than 1 John, you may use the weaker one here too!

Stage 5: Immediately use John’s active and take them out. They do a total of 16k+ damage per turn and can only be hit for 25% of their HP with normal attacks, which is insane to fight per usual. If you do not have John… this will be a tough and painful stage, or even impossible to clear.

Stage 6: 5 element shield with 30HP :3 You can heal past the damage each turn and eventually hit it 30 times to pass, but a much easier way will be to either use PR Verd’s life leech through shields or Daji/Skuld to easily arrange and dissolve all 5 color runes.

Stage 7: Just use whatever you need to clear this last PR element boss (as described above)! Congratulations ^^

This stage will disappear once you clear it, so do not think about farming it :/ I actually did record my run through but then forgot to save the video before closing the game ._. and so there’s no way to do it again even if I want to. However, do try to devise a team that can tackle the stages with ease, since you might need to retry it again and again, and spending diamonds at some tricky earlier stage EVERY TRY is gna be a nightmare.

Here’s hoping everyone gets their desired PR element in 1 try! You have 4 days to do this, so you do not have to refill your stamina after depleting it today. Just remember to get it done by the end of the 4 days!!


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