[FF14] [Guide] FF14 40/40 1* Material Crafting Rotation 2.0 (New and Improved)

So here’s what I promised, the “advanced” level for macro-ing 40 durability 1* mats (twinthread and stuff). The older version from the previous post sports ~70% HQ rate with a requirement of 355 CP. Please refer to that post for requirements in Craftsmanship and Control. Without meeting them, risk not being able to complete the synthesis at all with this macro.

The Original Crafting Post

This new rotation requires 370 CP and an additional crafting skill: Comfort Zone (Alchemist 50).

The Rotation 2.0, for 40/40 1* Mats

Comfort Zone -> Inner Quiet -> Steady Hands II -> Basic Touch x 2 -> Manipulation -> Basic Touch x 2 -> Great Strides -> Steady Hands -> Ingenuity -> Standard Touch -> Great Strides -> Byregot’s Blessing -> Standard Synthesis

HQ %: ~90%
Fail %: 0%

With this rotation, it’s pretty easy to hit 100% with just one or two “good” procs. Try it and you will notice the big difference in number of HQ mats made as compared to the old rotation 😀

I feel sad that this might probably be my last FF14 post, but nevertheless, I sincerely hope that players out there will benefit from this information. Here’s wishing everyone an enjoyable time in FF14 and, happy and good luck crafting! ^^



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