[Multi] [Random] Spoilt for Choice :3

It’s the end(?) of thesis and the eve of departure, and it’s also a time for darting between games for a little fun everywhere 😛 Be it accounts that i havent logged in for months, or brand new servers still in closed beta… they have one thing in common this time round, looking pretty and magnificent on screen 😀 Well, of course i had to choose one of them for deeper play and sharing, but that shall be revealed soon enough, when the vids are done uploading onto youtube. For now…


Good old BnS.
Good old BnS.

My previous patch played was the sea snake content way back in January. When i first logged back in yesterday, i felt a wave of panic… Not just because my toon is immensely cute (while badass at the same time), but that jumping back into a game when you used to play at a high (quite) level is horrifying! Forgetting all your favorite combos, all the hotkey locations, kicked from your favourite guild while knowing few of the old friends play this game anymore, and not mentioning the gap between your character now and everyone else in the server ._. Yep, i logged out pretty quickly.


The type of game that I'm always interested in, but then fail to really excel in: Civilizations V.
The type of game that I’m always interested in, but then fail to really excel in: Civilizations V.

Once upon a time, it was SimCity 2013. Now, there’s Civilizations V. They are not entirely similar games, but to me, they are classified in the same category. To be honest, i’m wildly interested in this genre, but simply do not have the time to practise over 100s of games with AI (each game lasts ~7hrs D:) just to improve and be more efficient. There is simply a stark lack of interaction with other players (and too much animosity) that I look for in my favourite games. The good thing is, they are mostly B2P, and can be visited whenever i crave some of this micro-management action.


Classic, steady fun from Hearthstone.
Classic, steady fun from Hearthstone.

This deck might look outdated, but it really is about 6 months old alr ._. 2 days ago when i downloaded Hearth onto my laptop and logged in for the first time since Feb, i discovered a brand new drafted deck in my arena o.o One of the finer things in life is to be able to play card games like Hearthstone online, for free. And just like moba games, the advantage of online card games over other more short-lived genres is that the gameplay never really gets old. Come 20 years and Magic of the Urza’s Saga era would still be immensely fun, maybe even more so than the new expansions and mechanisms now.


Ever-exciting (and boring) Dragon Nest CN.
Ever-exciting (and boring) Dragon Nest CN.

Ever since the craze for DN a few years back, this game has been on and off for me over various time periods. Thing is, it’s a confused game. The game is old, but the battle system is so well done and engaging that it’s hard to find another multiplayer online combat game like it; but the other aspects of the game are simply too absurd to justify playing it for a sustained period of time (if you are a tuhao, or shenhao ^^, ignore this statement). In all, this is the ultimate example of a 坑爹 (someonehelpmetranslatethiswithoutlosingtheessenceoftheword) game, and it promises to 坑 till your last 肾 (kidney) if you ever get too drawn into this.


The up-and-coming CN mmo major production, 天涯明月刀!
The up-and-coming CN mmo major production, 天涯明月刀!

Another TX game. After a few days of combat with my com and the game and the antivirus programs and safety files and all sorts of nonsense that barred me from opening the client, i finally entered the game today. One of the best looking mmos out there (mmos of this age should be of this standard in terms of graphics), coupled with a potentially excellent story (based on a novel by 古龙, a well-known martial arts novel author) and a very enjoyable combat system. The sound effects of the combat simply blew me away when i first tried it this morning. However, one needs to know more about how the game works before giving a verdict about the game. So all i can say is, it didn’t disappoint on day 1 🙂

K, now back to uploading my vids…


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