[ToS] [SM-Stage] Testament of the Archangel!!! 1 Diamond Pass >:0

SM Stage: Testamament of the Archangel
Card Reward: Michael Lucifer
Date: 26th Jul 2014
Pre-req: None

Finally a new seal boss (6th), Michael Lucifer, is here as a Soulmaster stage 😀 Since the previous Nidhogg Dragon 5th seal boss, it’s been quite a long time! As with the other seal boss SMs, this stage does not require any prerequisites, and one might expect it to be considerably harder than most SM stages at the point of time it’s introduced (yea, Odin stage was hard back then, but now it gets steamrolled through pretty easily). Reward cards for SM stages are also mostly team member material, since Madhead needs to earn their money from leader card pulls, so… don’t expect too much from Michael Lucifer’s leader ability.

Honestly though, this stage is quite difficult. Firstly, you need to have huge raw burst (ML has 6m HP, and dragging out the fight will make it almost impossible to clear the stage with less than 10 diamonds). Secondly, it’s best to bring along a PR Verdandi, so that in the case where you cant successfully grind through the puzzle shield at stage 4, you can use PR Verd’s active as a last resort (try not to use it though… it will make stage 5 a nightmare). Apart from these requirements, most bosses do really high damage.

The approach here would be to use a tumbler team. However, you cannot use a typical low HP PR Idun self-heal tumbler team, since you need to have the burst. Hence, the best leader and ally to use in this situation would be Odin and PR Daji. Odin provides the tumbler ability and a one turn boost in damage (once every 10 turns for me), while Daji provides the insane combo multiplier and a burst active, which are both required to achieve that 6 million damage at the last boss (max skill level PR Dajis are all over the place now). Next, PR Verdandi gets a slot in this team. Though not really needed if you are willing to take the risk, I put it in to play safe. The other 3 slots are up to you. You can probably include cards that boost overall damage (eg. Hertz), boost Dark damage (eg. Artemis), executing cards (eg. PKoD), rune-arrangement cards (eg. PR Skuld) or really anyone whom you think will help you. Since your tumbling leader is Odin, and your members need to be of high level, your team is bound to have high HP. This in turn requires you to have very high base Recovery in order to heal enough to hit at least 50% HP every few turns. Hence, Recovery might also be a point of consideration when deciding what to bring for the 3 wildcard slots. With this team, a player with good skill and some luck can clear this SM without the use of any diamonds. For me (quite unskilled T.T), I had to use 1 at stage 6, since that boss is really insane. Well, let’s move on…

Quite a messy team really, but gets things done. High burst when all actives are used, in addition to high Recovery, which is essential for a Tumbler team with this much HP!
Quite a messy team really, but gets things done. High burst when all actives are used, in addition to high Recovery, which is essential for a Tumbler team with this much HP!


As mentioned, Testament of the Archangel requires no prerequisites to enter, you just need your 50 stamina and in you go.

The stage information can be found here: English Wiki and Chinese Wiki

Stage 1: The usual stalling stage, but I must admit it’s quite hard to stall here. Though your multiplier is small, random skyfalls can quickly kill off these weak paladins. Since you have a multi-color team, it’s hard to refrain from attacking, especially when you need to focus on clearing the board to make way for more Heart runes too. Anyway, good luck with this stage, but it’s not a must to stall here. Stage 2 allows you to continue stalling if you clear this stage too quickly (with risks).

Stage 2: 2 paladins, kill one and the other receives the HP and atk of the paladin you killed, while also healing back to full. In any normal team, you need to kill both together, since once they merge into 1, it hits for 20k damage. For our specialised team, however, try to kill off the Light paladin ASAP! The reason you would want to try stalling in stage 1 is that if both paladins here have the same CD and attack on the same turn (which will kill you straightaway), you can activate skills to bring the Light one down before it happens. If not, pray that they have staggered CDs, so you can at least try to heal through their damage while trying your best to get the Light one killed. If their damage proves abit too much, feel free to use PR Verdandi’s active for some additional heal per turn. Once the first paladin falls, you are quite safe, since the latter attacks only once every 3 turns. You need to heal past 50% every 3 turns, and save the rest of the hearts runes for the next heal.

In all, this stage is a perfect stall stage once you get the Light paladin down. Wait for all actives to be up (they should be by the time you manage to kill the sole paladin anyways) and move on 😀

Stage 3: Either 1 that appears should be fine for this team. Activate Artemis’s active once you enter and dissolve Dark runes every turn. On turn 3, activate all actives, except Verdandi’s, and kill off this guy. This boss will eventually hit twice if you drag for too long (not sure when it will…) so just kill on turn 3. The damage should be alot more than what is required. You do not burst on turn 1 simply because you would like to have your HP lower so that Odin’s active helps more, and that Artemis’s ability has at least a few turns to ramp up. However, if the number of Dark runes you start with is simply pathetic, then save on the Artemis ability and clear as much of the board as possible. Always remember that the main attacking element of this team is Dark, so try to store more Dark runes every now and then if possible. Easy stage if done correctly.

Stage 4: Puzzle shield ._. Luckily though, his HP is 26, so even if you just ignore the puzzle and attack, you will still be able to kill the boss after a few turns. My suggestion is to do just that. Trying too hard to do the puzzle increases risk of failure, and often makes the board horrible for the next turn. Simply dissolve Dark, Earth and Fire runes every turn and heal accordingly. He hits you once every 2 turns (to 1 HP) so be sure to pay close attention to your HP bar. My advice would be to clear as much of the board as you can every turn to make way for Heart runes. If you eventually run out of Heart runes and will die next turn, use PR Verdandi as a last resort.

Stage 5: 50% shield boss. This boss has low HP, ultra high armor of 300K and can only be dealt 50% of his HP as damage per turn. Additionally, he attacks only once every 2 turns, thus screaming GRIND WITH PR VERD! This is also the reason why you try not to use PR Verdandi in stage 4. Once you enter this stage, activate PR Verdandi’s active and focus on clearing the board and staying alive, just like what you did in stage 4, but slightly easier, since you have additional heal from PR Verd’s life leech, and you do not have to worry about what runes you have to dissolve. You should eventually put 2 stacks of the leech onto him, but with low CD of PR Verdandi, the skill should be up again or close to ready once the boss dies (mine is not max CD, so it’s bad, and I’m sad).

Stage 6: Hardest stage yet (if you leave last stage out). Boss hits every turn and it can be a real struggle to heal through that damage (which is why I spent a diamond here). 4 element shield also proves to be a challenging skill to beat. Be sure to check out which 4 elements are required, since the shield icon only shows RGBL by default, but for my stage it required RGBD to break shield. With decent board clearing and spinning and some lucky skyfalls, this stage can actually be pretty easy with Daji’s leader ability. I was unlucky and started the board with one or two elements missing, and did not check the colors required for breaking the shield until turn 3 ._. If you are confident of clearing the last stage, then it might be ok to spend diamonds here. But if you really have difficulty clearing elemental shields and want a sure pass, bring a PR Skuld or another Daji along for free arrangement of runes. Should be a guaranteed clear if you do have them in the team.

Stage 7: The super badass boss, Michael Lucifer. His ability makes it so that even with 1 million diamonds thrown at him, it’s not guaranteed to clear. He has CD of 1 and changes attribute between Light and Dark every turn. As he changes to element “X”, he will turn runes of X’s opposing element, along with Heart runes to X. And after that, if you dissolve any X runes that turn, your HP gets drained by 30% and he heals according to the number of X runes you dissolved that turn D: As you can see, grinding this boss out is impossible, and if you go all out and burst AND FAIL, well it’s gna be hard since you have used up all your cooldowns and he heals up and continues attacking you every turn, and you die after that since he steals all your Heart runestones away :DDD

If your board looks something like this before you burst, congratulations!!!
If your board looks something like this before you burst, congratulations!!!
YAYYYY!!! Finally the torment has ended :/
YAYYYY!!! Finally the torment has ended :/


The approach will be to bet on that one good burst. To do that, try to stay at between 80 to 100% HP as you clear stage 6 (optimally 80 to 90%). During your first turn, activate Artemis’s ability and dissolve a set of Dark runes, along with at least a set of Light runes, and maybe even some Water runes to make way for more Heart/Dark/Light runes. Boss will first drain 30% of your HP, then hit you for 9431 damage. To maximize Odin’s active multiplier, you want to be at 1 HP. Taking my team for example, My HP will only be reduced to 1 if my HP starts off with a value between 12490 and 14116. If i start off with 14117, my remaining HP will be 2 and so on, so anything above that and your multiplier drops. If you start off with less than 12490 though, you die, since your HP will fall below 50% total after his 30% drain. You need some luck with the runes on board after turn 1 though. Preferably, you want somewhere around 15 Dark runes after conversion, and you need to have both Green and Red (Dark considered to be Red as well with Tongtian’s active) runes present on board as well. Use all your actives, since you are not gna have a next turn be it pass or fail ._. Arrange in the normal 3 by 3 order for Daji actives, and try to dissolve as many runes as you can while making sure NOT to do full attacks, and not to stagger runes… Even with no skyfall combos I could kill ML with this burst, so…. if I can, so can you!!! XD

Erm... I guess it will stay in my backpack for the timebeing, and rot...
Erm… I guess it will stay in my backpack for the timebeing, and rot…


This team is actually an adaptation of another Odin/Daji team posted on the Chinese forums. The original team features 7* Odin, 6* PR Verdandi, 6* The Horned King, 2* Dark Novice, 6* Medea and 7* PR Daji. This team has potential for much higher burst, since the use of The Horned King and Medea’s actives will give some enormous multipliers. Medea’s ability also ensures that your HP will be at 1 even if you start off with full health for stage 7. 2* Dark Novice lowers max HP for easier healing past 50%, while retaining the ability to Heart convert when necessary. Overall, it’s a much stabler and reliable team than what I used, but 6* The Horned King is not available outside TW/HK regions and I do not have a maxed out Medea. Several adaptations have also been used to clear this SM, seeing the use of 6* Cassandra instead of 6* Medea, or by treating the Dark Novice as a wildcard slot, and replacing with probably 6* PR Skuld for safer stage 6 or an additional enchantress for higher burst (in all out burst stages, enchantress’ disadvantages are pretty much negated).

In all, this stage is considered to be one of the hardest SM stages released recently, and if you do not have any use for it, I suggest you skip this stage for now. As with other seal boss SMs, they return quite frequently, so even if you can’t get him now, there’s always next time (hopefully you will have a better team to challenge him with by then)! No point throwing too many diamonds for this card, since IMO it’s really conditional and rather gimmicky (too many specific cards required to make a powerful Light team with ML, Luna and Minamoto, and even then might not be as stable, handy, or even as explosive as a good Greek team).

Hope everyone has fun(?) hunting this guy down ❤ Remember NOT TO jump into the trap of throwing diamonds at Michael Lucifer stage… This boss is a bottomless pit when it comes to DIAMOND GRIND :3






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