[ToS] [SM-Stage] When Twilight Fades… Hades SM 0 Diamond Clear :3

SM Stage: When Twilight Fades
Card Reward: God of the Underworld – Hades
Date: 15th Jul 2014
Pre-req: Have cleared at least 2 Zodiac Chapter 2 EXTRA stages

Hades is finally here! Though the entry requirements are similar to Zeus’s Soulmaster stage, Hades (the card) functions very differently from him. His active is a dark version of YuanShiTianZun, turning the whole board into dark runestones; while his leader ability has a base multiplier of 1, but increases by 0.5 for every element in the team (max 3.5x). This stage is of average difficulty imo, since many different teams can be used to clear this without the use of diamonds. The only requirement would be some sort of armor-ignoring damage skill (not Faugn, since dragons will be locked in that stage. Think Verdandi/Valkyrie etc..), and I would recommend high team recovery, probably upwards of 2k.

Hint: Hades receives extra XP from Zodiac creatures, just like Zeus!
Hint: Hades receives extra XP from Zodiac creatures, just like Zeus!

In order to even be let into the stage, you have to have cleared at least 2 Zodiac Chapter 2 EXTRA stages.

The stage information can be found here: English Wiki and Chinese Wiki

The stage can be cleared by a variety of different teams. Be it Greek, Norse, beasts, rainbow teams like Santa or even newly-made Hades-Enchantresses teams, this Soulmaster stage can be cleared with 0 diamonds if done properly. Most bosses have poison and damage limit abilities, hinting that your team should have high recovery. The only hard requirement would be an armor-ignoring burst skill (not by a dragon), or a card that reduces armor (GSoL). This is the team that I used:

Ally = PR Loki
Ally = PR Loki

Stage 1: The usual stalling stage. Try to kill only 1 of the Cerbs, and then heal 7k every 2 turns, which should be easy considering the amount you need to heal in the later stages. It is not always easy to stall till all your cooldowns are up, since these Cerbs are actually pretty weak against a Norse or high multiplier team. The easy part of this stage is that they do not attack together, thus allowing teams with less health than 14+k HP to sail through.

Stage 2: Another stalling stage. If your cooldowns are still not ready, be careful not to kill him too quickly! The 40% HP loss every turn is pretty easy to heal up as well. So we pretty much just got 2 free stalling stages from Madhead, and that lowers the difficulty of this SM by alot.

Stage 3: You have to kill both before their CD hits 0. Use your bursts and off you go to the next stage!

Stage 4: This is the only hard requirement stage. This guy 580k armor and 66 HP, hits for 39k damage with CD of 3. Additionally, he locks all dragons’ active abilities (no Faugn actives allowed). Usually teams would bring a Verdandi or a Valkyrie or some other armor-ignoring burst to deal with this stage specifically. If you are using a beast team, you can consider a GSoL to reduce that armor.

Stage 5: ? runes stage. Artemis boss hits for 6k, which is really not alot, probably as much as stage 2 Karon. You can consider this as another stall stage. When panicking, just use heart converters to identify your heart runes and heal up.

Stage 6: Lubu boss with quite some difficulty. His HP of 284k says that John active easy clear is impossible (though it can lower the difficulty of this stage by alot). If you cant kill him straight away using skills, he has 20% HP shield, meaning you can at most hit him for 20% of his HP each turn. Takes 5 turns to kill him, with him hitting you for 9.1k damage every turn. High recovery is important here and it is definitely possible to grind past this. Some teams bring along Elf Queen to save on heart runes, since Elf Queen active is also very useful in the next stage ^^

Stage 7: Hades, a poison boss. 50% HP reduction per turn, and he hits you for an additional 2366 per turn. If you can burst him down right away, carry on. If not, grind as you did for the previous stage. If you brought along a PR Verdandi, good for you, since it will help alot with the healing every turn. Pretty straight-forward boss.

In all, this stage is very farmable, if you are looking to get a Max CD Hades by the end of today. Farm 50 or more of them and start YOLO feeding. Hades has max skill level of 12, which is much lower than some of the other SM cards out there, so if you do not intend to “luck feed” Hades, you can farm a few and skill train them before feeding to 1.

Hope everyone has fun hunting this guy down! If you are not that into building a dark Greek team, you can still use him for some rainbow team fun!


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