[ToS] [Information] ToS Upcoming Patch (7.0) and Soulmaster Stage (My Viewpoint)

News (good news :3) for upcoming TOS update(s): Hades Soulmaster stage and Journey to the West series Power Release.

As this will basically just be about the things i notice (what’s important for me), i will not be including all the new changes that are coming. Will be translating the important info from this article: Chinese Info Article


Hades Soulmaster Stage (Tue July 15)

To be able to enter the stage (similar to the Zeus SM requirements), one must have completed at least 2 of the Zodiac Chapter 2 EXTRA stages.

Not much info has been released about the stage and bosses involved, but screenshot provided shows Hades having poison ability. Depending on the CD and potency of Hades’s attack and poison, it would either be a healing grind or burst through for the last stage.

Hades has been revealed to have a similar active ability to YuanShiTianZun, converting the whole board to dark runes. Thus, Hades will also likely be a key member in a dark Greek team. From the looks of it, his leader ability capitalizes on the number of different elements in the team, so probably a leader in a rainbow team.


Patch Version 7.0 Journey to the West PR

There was actually a previous preview about this update already, and a display of a PR-ed Daji with insane upgraded leader ability and active. However, this current preview has announced the rectifications (and nerfs) to those seemingly insane upgrades. The previous video showed that every additional combo after 1 adds 175% multiplier, as it was supposed to be a boost for players who have Daji as their own leader. Players who use Daji as an ally will have a less significant boost to the passive. It has now been changed to be an equal 125% combo boost for all now, regardless if she is your leader or ally.

Her active is described as an additional multiplier according to the number of combos achieved, with a max of 2.2x (up from the previous 1.9x). Overall, i see this as a nerf, since the leader ability’s nerf to 125% is just too great.

Her stats after PR are of a similar level as PR fate sisters, but with higher Rcr.

My beloved Daji, waiting for the chance to be PR-ed!
My beloved Daji, waiting for the chance to be PR-ed!

In addition to JttW PRs, there will be new Ameliorations for Greek Beasts, Dragon Spiritors and Greek Gods. So, more power-ups for my dark team!

Other improvements will also be introduced. For a full list of them, please refer to: Previous Chinese Article

While eagerly waiting for next week, grind out some souls and get ready for the upcoming SM/patch!! 😀


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