[ToS] [SM-Stage] Astral Thunderbolt! 0 Diamond Clear ^^

SM Stage: Astral Thunderbolt
Card Reward: Thunderous Supremacy – Zeus
Date: 18th Jun 2014
Pre-req: Have cleared at least 2 Zodiac Chapter 1 EXTRA stages

So today marks a historic moment for Tower of Saviors players, especially Greek lovers. Zeus is here! For anyone who has not paid attention to this event/soulmaster stage, Zeus is something like Odin, but for Greek instead of for Norse. To cut the long story short, let’s move on to clearing this stage!

Zeus is here to change the fates of the Greek Gods!
Zeus is here to change the fates of the Greek Gods!

In order to even be let into the stage, you have to have cleared at least 2 Zodiac Chapter 1 EXTRA stages. If you haven’t managed to do so, you can perhaps ignore Zeus for the time being ._.

The stage information can be found here: http://www.towerofsaviorsforum.com/Thread-Discussion-Info-Strategy-Astral-Thunderbolt and http://zh.tos.wikia.com/wiki/%E8%92%BC%E7%A9%B9%E9%A9%9A%E9%9B%B7

The stage strongly suggests the use of Greek teams to clear it. Many bosses with enchanted shields (Greek teams always have enchanted runes on board), and one with a 8+ combo shield (much easier for Greek than traditional teams) litter the first half of the battle, while high HP and damage bosses end off this difficult soulmaster stage. This is the team that I used:

Odin and Alma are actually pretty useless... Their stats are good though :P
Odin and Alma are actually pretty useless… Their stats are good though 😛

There are only 3 core cards in this Artemis team: Artemis, Pollux and Baphomet (or CD5 ShenGongBao). The other 2 slots can be filled by a variety of other cards, mainly those that increase your damage output, or additional converters. Possible replacements are: Endor, GSOD + another Baphomet, Cassandra, Dark Puppy and so on. Just make sure that your total HP (along with ally Artemis) is above stage 5 Hephaestus damage of 14186.

Stage 1: This the most crucial stage in the battle. Try to stall at least 4 turns here by killing the first Fate Sister on your first turn and avoiding merging more dark runes on the turns after. If you can get your Pollux and Baphomet skills up within this stage, you will be in good shape for the rest of the stages 🙂

Stages 2 and 3: They are essentially the same thing. Enchanted shield bosses with crazy high damage (CD1) and low HP. Kill or die. If you do not manage to kill in 1 turn and die, my suggestion is just forfeit and try again.

Stage 4: 8+ combo shield. This might be a good time to use your Pollux + Baph, not for the damage, but for more skyfall dark and thus more combo count. If you don’t use the actives, chances are you will have a hard time getting 8 combos, unless you spin like a pro (consistently and reliably).

Stage 5: Enchanted shield again. This is a stalling stage. It is perfectly possible to stall many turns here, especially if you have more than 1 heart converter (GSOD/Pollux and to a lesser extent, dog/Alma). The idea is not to stall too many turns though, just stall enough to be able to kill him without using notable skills.

Stage 6: A countdown kind of boss, kill it in 4 turns or die. Activate Artemis active and plant Dark Mark on boss once you get in. Do not use abilities until the last turn, BUT REMEMBER TO DEAL DARK DAMAGE EVERY TURN. Just try to spin as well as possible every turn and deal damage. Once CD of boss falls to 1, activate Pollux and Baph and pray you get enough combos. If you have Cassandra, feel free to activate her ability here.

Stage 7: Zeus, and a countdown boss as well, kill in 5 turns. Same thing, activate Artemis active at once and deal damage every turn to keep the mark up. Once CD of boss falls to 1, activate the converters again, and pray… CD5 before it first attacks is one reason why only 1 set of converters is needed for this stage. After using them for Stage 6, you will definitely have them up again for the last turn of Stage 7. Having more converters than the core 2 only makes the previous stages easier and less risky.

In all, this stage is perfectly farmable, if you are looking to get a Max CD Zeus by the end of today. Farm 50 or more of them and start YOLO feeding. Once you get your first Zeus, power level him up and you might even be able to use him in your Artemis Team to continue farming him! (Makes last burst much more reliable and strong, not forgetting Zeus’s extremely attractive base stats ^^)

Hope everyone has fun hunting this guy down! Even if you have to spend a couple of diamonds getting him, it’s worth it. Key word: “a couple”

P.S. This is the video I watched before attempting. Artemis team featuring Cassandra and Endor instead of my Odin and Alma. In my opinion, Odin can be useful if you sustain that Hephaestus hit and do not heal back (quite difficult to avoid skyfall heart runes though), and Alma just serves as a safety net. I did not use Endor since I have always doubted PR humans’ compatibility with Greek teams. As for Cassandra, well I simply do not own one 😡

And this guy also has vids of using other teams to clear the stage too. So if you do not have Artemis, check them out!


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