[ToS] [Information] Tower of Saviors Cat Duke Fiends, Nero and Tongtian Jiaozhu || 神魔之塔之猫公爵、尼禄与通天教主

This is an information post, of which the results and conclusions are my personal findings from testing with different variables. It is done to confirm card descriptions, verify translational errors (from traditional Chinese version to English) and to find out other missing information (or “hard to dig out” ones) regarding how their abilities work together. After searching for relevant information online, I failed to find out more about this series of cards, even though Celestial Master – Tongtian Jiaozhu was just released recently.

What is the difference between Nero’s active and Faust’s active? The difference is pretty clear when you look at the Chinese versions, since it suggests that Nero’s active benefits from heart runes as well, but Faust’s does not. However, the English cards are misleading!

The difference between the active descriptions is just a "will"/"can"!
The difference between the active descriptions is just a “will”/”can”!

2014-06-17 12.14.13

So this started a series of testing. To some, these information might be pointless, or maybe you found them out via other sources a long time ago. But I still hope it proves useful as a summary for this set of older but lesser known series of cards 🙂


The Classic Cat Duke Fiends (Charon, Hong Yue, Blair, Faust and Felix), 猫公爵系列5色

1. Active ability: In 1 turn, dissolving any Runestones (except Heart Runestones) can also have 50% X (their respective colors) effect. (Information taken from Eng Wiki)

2. Dissolving heart runestones does not add any damage.

1. 主动技: 1 回合内,所有属性符石兼具 X(该猫公爵的属性)符石 50% 效果。(取自神魔繁体中文Wiki)

2. 心符石并不会兼具以上50%效果。


Nero the Sinful Corvee, 负罪役夫-尼禄

1. Active ability: Similar to the Cat Duke Fiends’, but dissolving heart runestones also adds 50% Light effect.

1. 主动技: 1 回合内, 所有符石,包括心符石,兼具50%光符石效果。


Tongtian Jiaozhu, 灵宝天尊-通天教主

Let’s ignore this guy’s given active, since it’s straightforward. Many use him for the combined actives with the Cat Duke Fiends.

1. When put into a team along with another Cat Duke Fiend, changes element to that Cat Duke Fiend’s element.

2. If more than one Cat Duke Fiend is in the team, Tongtian Jiaozhu will assume the element of the RIGHT-MOST (last Cat Duke Fiend in team lineup) Fiend.

3. If both Cat Duke Fiend and Tongtian Jiaozhu are level 50 or above, and their active abilities are both already charged-up, they can perform a combined active. Combined active: In 1 turn, dissolving any runestones (including hearts) will also give 100% X (the activated Cat Duke Fiend’s element) effect.

2014-06-16 20.13.50

4. The combined active takes the activated Cat Duke Fiend’s element into consideration to decide which element to power up for that turn, NOT TONGTIAN JIAOZHU’S CURRENT ELEMENT.

5. If 2 or more Cat Duke Fiends are in the team, you may select the individual Cat Duke Fiends to activate that element’s combined active power-up.

6. However, if you select Tongtian Jiaozhu to activate the combined active instead, it will activate the LEFT-MOST (1st Cat Duke Fiend in team lineup) Cat Duke Fiend’s active, and that Fiend’s element will be powered-up.

In this case, if you activate the combined active through Tongtian, power-up will be for Dark, and not the Light element that Tongtian currently assumes
In this case, if you activate the combined active through Tongtian, power-up will be for Dark, and not the Light element that Tongtian currently assumes.

7. Last but not least, Nero counts as a Cat Duke Fiend, and can participate in the above combined active to boost light! :3



1. 如果通天教主与一名猫公爵成员同队,通天教主将转变属性成为该猫公爵的属性。

2. 如果队里有多过一名猫公爵成员,通天教主将转化成最右手边(队里的最后一位猫公爵成员)的猫公爵的属性。

3. 如果猫公爵成员与通天教主等级都高于50,而且主动技能都可以开启时,玩家可以运用新组合技能。组合技能:1回合内,所有符石(包括心符石)兼具100% X (与通天教主一起启动的猫公爵的属性)符石效果。

4. 组合技能会根据被启动的猫公爵的属性来断定 X,而并非依照通天教主的当前属性!

5. 如果队里有2只或以上的猫公爵成员,玩家可以(应该)通过猫公爵来启动组合技能,以确保被强化的属性是你想要的。

6. 若通过通天教主启动组合技能,组合技能的另一位发动者(除通天之外)将会是队里最左边的猫公爵成员(队伍里第一位猫公爵),而被强化的属性 X 就是这位猫公爵的属性。

7. 当然,尼禄也算是猫公爵的一员了,也一样能和通天教主一起发动组合技能!



So, what’s the difference between Faust and Nero? My answer is: Nero makes Faust obsolete, both stats wise and active wise. The bulk of the information would then be to remind players to carefully place their Cat Duke Fiends and Tongtian Jiaozhu in their team lineup, if they even consider placing more than 1 Cat Duke Fiend (IMO not wise). Also, if you do enjoy the original Cat Duke Fiend’s damage boost of 50% via other color runes, do try out the new combined active! Despite it’s obvious drawback of one less active skill, the damage boost is considerably stronger, especially when paired with PR Starters active ^^


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