[FF14] [Guide] Novus Upgrade Guide & My Love for Brayflox (Braypox)

So anyone who has successfully obtained an Animus would know that in order to farm all 9 books, you need to farm 13,500 Myth tomes. Translated into Myth speedruns, or Brayflox Shortstop, that’s 270 runs.Having done so many runs before, this dungeon being stale for me is an understatement ._.Yesterday, I finally had the time to complete that 1,500 more Myth tomes required for Novus weapon. The quest after Animus goes like this:
1. Go talk to the guy that upgraded your Atma into Animus.
2. Then follow his directions to find some NPCs elsewhere, some being in Black Brush Station and others in Mor Dhona.
3. You will need to collect 3 “Superior Enchanted Ink”s, which cost 500 Myth each (can be bought from Myth gear vendor).
4. Now turn in all your quests and now you can exchange 3 Inks for your weapon scroll! (2 Inks for Curtana and 1 for Holy Shield in the case of PLD)

Superior Enchanted Inks
Superior Enchanted Inks

So, how does all this work? I want my Novus NAO! 😡

In order to obtain your Novus, you have to go through crazy grinding/waiting/raging all over again. But Animus should have trained you well… Firstly, the scroll let’s you add stats to it by fusing materia on. Each stat has a cap to it, eg. Accuracy on Holy Shield is capped at 13. Furthermore, each weapon has a max number of infusions possible, so for Holy Shield, it’s 22 infusions (if you get Parry to 13 and still want to get Acc up, Acc will then cap at 9). You may choose more than 2 stats to upgrade though, but the total stats will be 22 anyway. Main stats of a weapon will be automatically upgraded to a i110 equivalent weapon stat (Str and Vit for Holy Shield will be upgraded to 12 and 14 respectively from 11 and 12). By merging the scroll with your chosen stats and the Animus, you will get your main stats PLUS those stats you melded onto the scrolls (this is the way to customize relic weapons with the stats you choose!). After successfully infusing the required number of melds, you can return to the guy to upgrade your Animus to Novus!!

Opening up the scroll
Opening up the scroll


Acc, Parry, Spell/Skill Speed, Crit cap at 44 points, Piety caps at 33 (some classes have 23 cap) while Det caps at 31.

Melding materia onto the scroll requires 2 items: the materia and an Alexandrite.

You will eventually need materia of a stat (that you want on your weapon) of all tiers. Initially you start with tier 1 materia, and progressively tiers 2, 3 and 4s will be required (although they will all only add 1 point onto the scroll D:). There is a chance of failure as you meld more and more of the same tier.

The limiting factor. There are currently 3 ways to obtain these horrible things:
1. 800 Myth, more Braypox pls I love it ^^ 800 Myth and exchange for a Treasure Map from Auriana.
2. Fate grinding. Any fate anywhere in the game I think. Drop rate reported to be similar to Atma stones 😛 (The only way to not get Alexandrite from digging)
3. Daily Expert Roulette. Obtain the quest from Brangwine in Mor Dhona, complete the Roulette, get a Treasure Map, dig up the treasure, fight a bunch of mobs and tada, Alexandrite 😀 Be wary though since some mobs are rumored to be disgustingly strong. For safety reasons, bring a buddy along.

My first Alexandrite! :3
My first Alexandrite! :3

The logical way of approaching this would be to get that Roulette map every day, and choose between Fate grind and Myth grind for your spare time. Sounds sad, but relic weapon upgrades have always been sad T.T Fate grind is all about RNG again, while you can probably squeeze in some spiritbonding and chocobo leveling while doing it. Myth runs would be pure agony, but it’s reliable and much faster.

I had not completed the quest to summon Chocobo out before this, so I'm simply fascinated about posing beside him
I had not completed the quest to summon Chocobo out before this, so I’m simply fascinated about posing beside him

In conclusion, take it easy man. There should be other ways to obtain those Alexandrites in future patches (one being the daily monster hunts), and upgrading the scroll slowly doesn’t affect you Animus weapon at all! You can still run around showing off the glow and raid with a powerful enough Animus in the meantime. Also, Novus just got released so a further upgrade isn’t gna happen anytime soon. At least for me, I’m having fun doing lame stuff, like queuing for Expert Roulette with i55 gear 😀

Digging out those low-level, partially spiritbonded gear... for some fun.
Digging out those low-level, partially spiritbonded gear… for some fun.

Here’s a vid of that painful run (for Pie and the poor healer, fun for me and Minty :P) if anyone’s interested. It’s sad, and I even died once, so try not to follow what I did in there. Decently-geared tanks should be pulling more mobs for the DPS to aoe them down fast. I’ll probably capture a better run next time, especially one of the shorter Myth runs.



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