[FF14] [Random] A few days into 2.28, but having done nothing, really. D:

So the new patch (2.28) was introduced a few days ago. I did not have to chance to experience it much even until now since i was super busy this week. Quite a few quality of life changes were made to the game, which are always good to have, as well as several important new stuff. These include the upgrades from relic Animus to Novus, Fantasia potions being sold, which is another rarely-introduced cash item for this game (the previous being extra retainer I think), sightseeing vistas and achievements, and also the option to preview gear/clothing in shops/market board/crafting log while shopping!For the full patch notes: Patch 2.28 patch notes

Firstly, Novus… As we all know, I just got my Animus, and the next upgrade is already available. And even to just start the quest chain rolling, it requires another hefty 1500 Myth. The number looks familiar, and I’m not thrilled at all.

You need 3 Superior Enchanted Ink for the first part of the quest. Bray, again ._.
You need 3 Superior Enchanted Ink for the first part of the quest. Bray, again ._.

As I did not have much time in-game this week (not even capped Sol yet D:), I could not get past this stage to experience the monstrosity following this part of the quest. From what I’ve read, you need A LARGE AMOUNT of an item called Alexandrite, and you need to do fate grinding, with the drop being it instead of Atma now (not sure though, or was it a treasure map, then use the map to hunt an Alexandrite?); or you have to gather another 800 Myth for a treasure map… Each Alexandrite can then be used to meld a materia onto an upgrading scroll, adding one point to a stat of 2 that you choose. So you can choose to upgrade/include 2 stats to your relic weapon, the other 2 being base compulsory stats (for PLD it’s Str and Vit). It’s rather complicated and I’ll probably post on it again once I’ve researched more on it. Right now, I’m in no hurry to get a Novus. Let the pros/grinders try out all possibilities first and identify any shortcuts or “most efficient-way-to-do-it method” before I spend more effort on it 😛

Btw, Pie got Atma pretty quickly, after refusing to farm fates for so long… Good luck to him with Myth farming, while I continue to be busy with project and waiting for our other friends to level.

For some players out there, looks of their characters are of extremely high importance. To me, if a game does not have pretty character designs and customisability,  I would really not enjoy playing it as much. This might be a reason why I’m so in love with Final Fantasy games >.- Thus, Fantasia potions are my best friends (as well as the glamour system, and now, the preview option on market board as well). When I first made my character, it was Hyur. Then I found flaws in the face, and I soon went to try being a cat. Well, if you play a game which has another race as good looking as the “human” race, why not just play that race? But now, I bought the potion and changed back to Hyur ._.

Every trip to the character creation tool takes an hour or 2 easily
Every trip to the character creation tool takes an hour or 2 easily

Firstly, I’m bored being a cat. Cats are everywhere, and it doesn’t feel great being just another cat out there. Secondly, I chose Keeper of Moon the other time, so it’s a fantastic Healer race, but one of the worst Tank races. Hyur Highlander is actually a superb option for a Tank, but meh, imo they are ugly. The fish/shark race, never gna touch them. Lalafell too. So I guess I’ll settle with Hyur Midlander again 😀

Unlike being a cat, Hyur males pull off headgear and earrings REALLY WELL!
Unlike a cat, Hyur males pull off headgear and earrings REALLY WELL!

That’s about all for now 😐 Haven’t got the time to even cap Sols, so I definitely have not tried out vistas and many of the other new features of 2.28. To all, have fun!



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